REMINDER: Vote Tuesday in the Buckeye State!

By Jim Irvine

Tuesday November 8 is Election Day in Ohio. Primary and general election days are the only two days each year where we have the ability to vote on our future. We will vote on statewide issues and local candidates.

Some have asked why these local races are important, when none of tomorrow’s winners will hold an office where they will vote on HB347 or other statewide gun issues.

City Council members directly impact the laws of their city. The Columbus City Council passed a law banning most semi-automatic handguns, like many of us carry with our Ohio CHL. The city of Elyria also considered a ban on guns last year, but it was defeated by grassroots activism and the hard work of a Buckeye Firearms Association endorsee, Councilman Paul Blevins.

Please consult the following voter resources and then get your friends and family to the polls.

  • 2005 Buckeye Firearms Association Endorsements
  • "State Issues 2 through 5 – Trouble for gun owners"

    While we will be working hard to see HB347 and other firearms bills passed into law this session, Buckeye Firearms Association is also looking forward to improvements that will be possible with our next Governor...

    Over half of our current House of Representatives will be replaced in the next three years because of term limits. Who will replace them? In part, it will be those local candidates who are elected Tuesday. Every pro-gun candidate who wins now will be in a stronger position to replace term limited legislators.

    If you are available to help one of our endorsed candidates Tuesday, please get involved. Buckeye Firearms strength comes from you, our grassroots volunteers. The more people get involved, the more a Buckeye Firearms endorsement means, and the more candidates will work for our endorsement.

    Make sure to remind your friends to vote. “Off year” elections typically have very low voter turnout, meaning each vote has greater weight. Together, we will make Ohio a better state.

    Don't forget to vote TOMORROW - polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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