Rep. Dan Bubp: They Fear to Run Against Him!

By Linda Walker

Leading into this election, all of the politicians are busy on the campaign trail making speeches, shaking hands, passing out brochures, planting signs, walking in yet one more parade, promoting themselves until they are about to drop. That's the name of the game, so they can stay one step ahead of their opponents. There's one State Representative in Ohio who isn't doing any of that, unless it's to help out his fellow Republicans.

How could that be? Certainly, if he doesn't promote himself, he would never be re-elected for a second term? Unless...the rest refused to run against the man!

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Rep. Danny Bubp, 88th District, representing Adams, Brown and Clermont counties is unopposed in this general election. Much to the chagrin of Dave Lane, Clermont County Democratic party chair speaking to the fact that no Democrat is running against Bubp, "that's really unfortunate. It pains me."

Gun owners are fortunate to have Rep. Bubp returning once again to the Statehouse next session. Danny has consistently voted for the gun owners. He co-sponsored HB 347, the concealed carry fix it Bill which is a subject near and dear to him. He understands the importance of getting car carry corrected, and the importance of protecting the rights of the gun owners of the state. It's his consistent actions that earned him the endorsement from the NRA and an "A" rating. Rep. Bubp is also a two-time endorsee of Buckeye Firearms Association, and one of the few endorsees who earned our endorsement for both the primary and general election, prior to the primaries.

But Danny Bubp's services to the people don't stop at being a State Representative. He is also an attorney in West Union, and most recognized for his pro-bono work against the fight to remove the Ten Commandments monuments from public grounds. And Danny's services don't stop there. He also serves in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, as a Colonel of the Marines. Colonel Bubp serves on the staff at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. as a Team Leader for the Reserve Component National Security Course.

With the extensive credentials that Danny Bubp carries, it is no wonder why he goes unopposed in this election. He is highly respected by all who meet him. He wears many hats, but to this writer, Danny Bubp wears the best hat of all. It is my privilege to call him my friend!

Semper Fi Colonel, State Representative, Attorney, Mr. Bubp!

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