Sandy O'Brien for Treasurer

By Jim Irvine

In the Republican primary battle for Treasurer for the State of Ohio, voters have a choice between Buckeye Firearms endorsee Sandy O'Brien and Governor Taft's previous running mate, Jennette Bradley.

While Jennette's association with Taft would be reason enough for many to vote for anyone else, the fact is that O'Brien is a great choice no matter who she is compared with.

According to the Columbus Dispatch the race is even. Bradley gets 16%, O'Brien 13%, and 71% were undecided. I'd bet those 71% have never met Sandy O'Brien.

From the article:

    Treasurer Jennette Bradley, who has held her current office since January 2005 after serving two years as Gov. Bob Taft's lieutenant governor, is getting support from only 16 percent of
    Republicans, just 3 points more than Sandra O'Brien, Ashtabula County auditor. O'Brien is challenging Bradley's ties to Taft and her stance on such issues as abortion, domestic partner benefits and guns.

In my first conversation with Sandy, I asked her why she was running. She answered, "Because I think Republicans should have a conservative on the ballot." Touché. Add a warm smile, the knowledge that Sandy is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother with energy to burn and you have good idea of who she is.

Talking to Sandy at the US Sportmen's candidate reception and the Buckeye Firearms meet and greet at Black Wing it is clear that she is much more than talk. She supports hunting and Second Amendment rights because she has enjoyed them her whole life. Her children have enjoyed them. She has a passion that matches ours in her desire to see Ohio pass real firearms reform. Her opponent (who would like to be Governor) has spoken out against concealed carry and firearms.

Sandy O'Brien is running a good campaign with lots of work by volunteers, word of mouth, and a web site. She does not have the party support and money her opponent enjoys, but she is clearly the better candidate. Please encourage all your Republican friends to spread the good word about Sandy O'Brien. This is an important race, and one the grassroots can take from the party establishment, but only if we all get involved. Together we can show the liberal leaders of the Ohio Republican party the kind of values we want representing our party in the November election.

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