Self Defense or Take Your Chances?

Every week in Ohio and throughout the country there are stories that should prompt readers to ask a simple question. Who is responsible for my protection and safety? You decide.
German Village Under Attack
Residents in this Columbus neighborhood are on edge these days. With headlines such as Police: Two Teens Break Into Restaurant Owner's Home, Police: Woman Victim Of Home Invasion While Showering, Residents Wary Amid Recent String Of Armed Burglaries and Another German Village Homeowner Robbed it's no wonder people are uneasy.
These perpetrators are breaking into occupied homes, forcing people at gun point to strip naked and tying them up. It's quite obvious that these thugs have no fear. Police are saying that these types of occurences are highly unusual and are looking at their crime strategy. Will you be the next defenseless victim while the police revise their strategy?

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Springfield Mental Patient On The Loose
The Dayton Daily News is reporting that an escapee from a mental institution is still on the loose.
From the story:

    Bradley Roberts, 29, was found missing Saturday during a 5:30 a.m. room check, according to staff at the Twin Valley Behavioral Center on Wayne Avenue. Sam Hibb of the Ohio Department of Mental Health said Roberts cut a screen and disabled the lock on a second-story window.
    Roberts was at the center for a court-ordered evaluation of his competency for trial because he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to felonious assault and related charges stemming from his being shot by a Springfield police officer in September 2004.
    Springfield police received a tip that Roberts was seen overnight Monday, but a search turned up nothing.
    Witnesses told police Roberts had been riding his bicycle at an apartment complex, waving a gun and had pointed it at a woman's face.

The story goes on to say that Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers are advising that Roberts should be considered dangerous.

Dayton Mail Carrier Targeted
Dayton's is reporting that a "bold" purse snatcher targeted a mail carriers van in broad daylight.
From the story:

    A bold purse snatcher breaks into a local postal worker's van in broad daylight. It happened Tuesday while the mail carrier was on her usual route. Gayle Holland parks her marked van, takes the mail she needs and walks to the mail boxes near Kipling and Otterbein. While she was away, the thief smashed the van window. George Bagley heard the window breaking. He said, "People need to stop and think. What don't belong to them, belongs to somebody else. They need to stop and think. Get a job, go to work and get it on."
    Holland said she feels violated. She said, "They didn't take any of my mail. But they sure took my purse and it had everything in it."
    People in the neighborhood know Holland. They depend on her everyday. Many thought she'd be the last person to fall victim to neighborhood crime. Steven Rogers said.

It's time for people to realize that anyone can be a target. What's really interesting about the people interviewed is that there is so much disbelief about this person being targeted. It's simple really. Criminals are smart enough to know that postal workers are unarmed

OSU Issues Crime Alert After Woman Thrown To Ground

NBC4 News in Columbus is reporting that police are searching for two men who robbed four female students.
From the story:

    Police said on Oct. 2, the women were walking northbound on Waldeck Avenue and had reached East Lane Avenue at about 1:45 a.m. when the attack happened, NBC 4's Holly Hollingsworth reported.
    "He slowly crossed the street and came directly in front of us and asked us how we were doing," a victim said. "Then, I just remember being thrown to the ground immediately."
    During the robbery, the two men threw one of the women to the ground. Police said the two men robbed them and fled west down an alley.
    While the first woman was on the ground, the other attacker stood in front of the remaining women.
    "He said, 'Give me your purse,' and so I just let him take it. I didn't struggle or fight and he slowly walked away," another victim said. "They didn't run ... they just casually walked away and as he was walking away, I turned my head to see what direction he was going and that's when I saw my roommate on the ground."
    Although it was late at night, the women said there were three people in the area who witnessed the atttack.

Another story of fearless thugs targeting victims in an area they know people will most likely not be armed. Unfortunately for most Ohio college students there is little choice.

Teenagers Charged With Beating Newark Man For $2
NBC4 News in Columbus is reporting that two teenagers have been charged in the severe beating of a Newark man in August. The reward for their efforts was two dollars cash.
From the story:

    Police said the two jumped a man on Hudson Avenue in August. The victim, Jeffrey Jones, was headed to a store when he was attacked, robbed and severely beaten. Investigators said the men took $2 from the victim.
    "Basically punched, beaten down, kicked, stomped on, and he had a lot of different fractures in his face" Detective John Brnjic, of the Newark police department.
    Police said the August beating in a Newark alley was so severe, it left Jones traumatized.
    The teens admitted to the beating.
    "Basically, that they were stupid. They saw the opportunity and took it," Brnjic said.

Another OSU Crime Alert Issued
WBNS10 TV is reporting that police have issued another crime alert for the OSU campus area after several robberies, assaults and reports of menacing. Most recently a student had her car stolen from her at gun point.
From the story:

    An Ohio State student had her car stolen from her at gunpoint. After other armed robberies in the area, police are now issuing a crime alert for the campus area.
    Over a one-week period, there have been seven robberies, 16 assaults and nine reports of menacing near the Ohio State University campus.
    In many of the cases, gunmen are targeting students and taking their belongings, as well as stealing any sense of security they had.
    Recently, four young women were robbed by several armed suspects. Wednesday morning, a part-time student had her car taken from her at gunpoint in a university parking lot.
    "I started to open the door when I got the door open he reached in and the guy put the gun right to my chest,” the victim told 10TV.
    "I thought one or two things were going to happen he was going to put me in the trunk or I thought he was going to shoot me,” she said.

Thanks to Ohio law, college students lose their human right to self-defense when they set foot on campus. Unfortunately, these students are already aware of the ramifications.

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