Senator Schuler Supports HB12 as passed by the House

I recently sent Senator Robert Schuler (7th District) a letter concerning HB. 12. In my letter to the senator I explained that my vote would be based on the ccw issue more so than any other issue in the legislator including the budget.

Here is a verbatim copy of the main paragraph of the senators reply letter.

"I'm in favor of concealed carry and supported it when I was a member of the House. I currently am a sponsor of Senate Bill 24, Senator Watchman's concealed carry legislation. I will support House Bill 12 without any restrictive changes to it and will vote for it when it comes before the full Senate."

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Though we allready knew the good senators view on HB. 12. I can not stress enough the importance of contacting your own senator to garner support for HB. 12.

We can win this issue for law abiding citizens. We do not want, nor need to repeat the experiment performed in states like Tennessee. We need to get a good law passed the first time.

Remeber not to sit back and hope that the Ohio Supreme Court gives us what we truly should have ( A complete restoration of our basic rights), It is very likely we will have to win this battle through the legislature.

Remeber being decent and polite to our senators is important. However you must strongly and logically make your case to your senator. Good arguments based on logical, and empiracle evidence is the best route. Be carefull not to create strawman arguments when presenting your case. But dont be afraid to let your senators know this is a vote costing issue.

Anthony Walls
OFCC Member
Loveland, Ohio

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