Sheriff Leis “totally opposed” to being shopped to check quality of service

When a January 5 Cincinnati Enquirer story announced that Hamilton County Commissioners were planning to send "secret shoppers" in to test how helpful county employees are when dealing with the general public, Ohioans For Concealed Carry's first question was, "will the commissioners also send faux shoppers into the Hamilton County sheriff's office?" According to the Cincinnati Post, they will indeed!

Commissioners told the newspaper they plan to shop only departments under the commissioner's jurisdiction for the first quarter of the year, but will try other departments, such as the prosecutor's and sheriff's offices, by spring.

The Post reports that doesn't sit well with Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis.

"I am totally opposed to the program," he said Tuesday. "I believe it is a waste of time and manpower."

Leis told the Post he doesn't need a secret shopper to tell him that his office already has an excellent reputation for customer service.

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OFCC has indeed received comments from applicants on being treated well by the Sheriff's office, when they finally got an appointment and could apply. However, it is in the limited appointment process Sheriff Leis has set up where customer service truly falls short in Hamilton County.

Clermont County, which operates a very efficient application operation, has issued 40% more licenses than Hamilton Co., while having only 1/5th the population. Hamilton County offers a limited appointment schedule.

Clermont: Pop 185,799, issued 1,933
Hamilton: Pop 823,472, issued 1,165

As OFCC commented when the program was announced, "good customer service should certainly extend to Ohioans who choose to exercise their right to bear arms for self-defense, and we hope the Hamilton County Commissioners will take a look at how they can encourage Sheriff Leis deliver the kind of excellent service their much smaller neighbor is doing."

Commissioner Phil Heimlich said all county departments should be scrutinized.

"The purpose of this is not to point fingers or embarrass anyone," he said.

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