Six Ohio State students victimized in violent robberies, five at gunpoint [UPDATE: make that seven, six at gunpoint]

Columbus' CBS affiliate, WBNS 10TV, reported last week on two separate incidents in which students of The Ohio State university were victimized by armed robbers.

From the first article, from October 28:

Students shared their stories on Friday after they were robbed at gunpoint.

All of the students were robbed near The Ohio State University campus 10TV's Kevin Landers.

Jake Calvert said he was walking when a car drove up behind him and a man with a gun demanded his iPod.

"Said 'Give that to me or I'll shoot you' and pointed a gun at my chest and said 'empty out all your pockets,'" said Jake Calvert.

Calvert said he gave in to their demands.

"You never know, they have no value for my life, you don't know if they were going to shoot me or what. I was pretty scared."

Six hours later three other Ohio State students, who requested anonymity, were robbed at gunpoint in an alley behind 13th Avenue.

"They were three feet in front of me before I even turned around and I had a gun to my face," said one student.

The robbers pointed a gun at the students and ordered them to the ground, while on the ground one of the men was assaulted.

"Choked him out, punched him in the face," said a student. "He was almost knocked out from that."

With no arrests, these victims worry that other students who use these off campus alleys will become the next targets.

The second article covers yet another incident, which occurred on October 30:

Police said that they were searching for three men who robbed a man at gunpoint on Sunday night near the Ohio State campus.

The incident occurred at about 10 p.m. near Tenth Avenue and Worthington Street, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

Justin Garver said he was about to send a text when he came face to face with a gun, and three men who wanted to rob him.

Garver said one of the men held a gun to his head, while the other two robbers took his belongings.

"He took me off to the side, that's when he pulled the gun out so I just stood there while the other two searched me," said Garver.

Garver's story is similar to other crime victims robbed off campus he is the sixth person to be robbed at gun point off campus in the past week.

[UPDATE: Woman Says Men Attempted To Rob Her At Gunpoint]

Ohio law prohibits persons licensed to carry a concealed handgun from taking a gun on campus, other than to store it in their parked car. Thus the many OSU students who live off campus and walk to class are forced to be defenseless victims as they walk to class through the dangerous urban neighborhoods that surround the campus.

This gun control policy continues to result in students being victimized both on and off-campus, and should be repealed immediately.

Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Vice Chairman.

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