"Sportsmen for Strickland" bus hits the campaign trail

Following the rollout of two pieces of campaign literature aimed at Ohio's pro-gun voters, the "Sportsmen for Strickland" branch of Governor Ted Strickland's re-election campaign continues to roll with its message promoting the pro-gun governor - quite literally.

As Ohioans make their ways down the highways and byways of the Buckeye State this fall, they stand a chance of being exposed to the incumbent Governor's pro-gun message, displayed prominently on a camo-wrapped motorhome.

On the side, the motorhome features a picture of Governor Strickland and his brother Roger sitting on the bed of a pickup truck. Under the photo is a quote from a statement issued by Buckeye Firearms Association when the political action committee announced its endorsement of Strickland.

"Whether your passion is hunting, sport shooting, self-defense, collecting, plinking or just supporting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, you have no stauncher ally than Governor Ted Strickland. His consistent, tested and proven support for individual gun rights is second to none," said Jim Irvine, Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association.

To the left of the photo and quote is a large "Strickland for Sportsmen" logo.

Emblazoned on the rear of the vehicle is the following:

"Vote Freedom First: Vote Ted Strickland"

Underneath that message, which is printed in blaze orange, appear the words "Endorsed by the NRA"

Governor Strickland has continued his long tradition of supporting Second Amendment rights during his first term as Governor. As a Congressman, his many pro-gun votes, including opposing President Clinton by voting against the "assault weapons" ban, consistently earned him an "A" rating from the NRA.

As Governor of Ohio, he signed HB450, giving our service members, ages 18-21, the ability to purchase handguns, similar to those in law enforcement. He also signed HB473, opening up hunting opportunities for the mobility-impaired. Many veterans, elderly, or otherwise impaired citizens now have the ability to take to the field for the first time in decades.

His support of SB184, Ohio's Castle Doctrine bill, returned Ohio law to the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty should they need to defend themselves or their family while at home. SB184 also protects crime victims who are sued by their attackers for injuries sustained while trying to rape or kill someone. This bill also clearly defined a "loaded" gun, specified the proper way to transport all firearms in Ohio, and introduced many other needed improvements to Ohio firearm laws, for tenants, business owners, and visitors from other states traveling in Ohio.

Governor Strickland has done far more than just support "gun rights." He has embraced and promoted the outdoor, conservation, and hunting traditions of Ohio's sportsmen. Even before he took office, he assembled a transition team to gather input from leading sportsmen and conservationists across Ohio regarding the wise use of our natural resources.

If you pass the "Strickland for Sportsmen" motorhome on the highway, give the crew a wave, and if you see them parked at a gun-related event near you, make sure to stop in and say "hi."

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