Springfield: Armed Home Invaders Sought By Police

December 8, 2004

Police in Springfield are searching for four men in connection with breaking into a home. The home invasion happened at a home on Oak Street on Tuesday morning.

Andre McGary said the men, carrying guns, shot and killed his dog and then forced his wife and four children into a bedroom.

McGary said the men stole jewelry, cash and took electronics out of a car that was in the garage.

Commentary by Larry Moore, OFCC Senate District 10 Coordinator:
It is sad that a man's home is no longer his castle, and respected by others.

Some areas seem to be more likely to have your 'castle' invaded now than during the Dark Ages, when various groups invaded and raided the castles of old Europe. We can not dig moats and stock alligators around our modern castles to offer protection. Modern technology, such as 911, does not protect a homeowner when taken by surprise as in this case.

There are villains and thugs who will take up arms and prey on the unprotected. The honest law-abiding citizen homeowner must be prepared to defend his family and his castle. While many in our society loudly proclaim that more guns causes more violence, the violence against the unarmed and unprotected continues.

Citizens who are not taking serious steps to protect themselves, including proficiency with firearms and obtaining a concealed handgun license, are taking the risk of allowing themselves and their families to become victims.

I can only imagine the terror that this man's four children felt and the nightmares they may experience. A father's responsibility is to protect his family. I have always taken that responsibility seriously while praying I never have to use deadly force.

During this holiday season, if you have not yet been a victim of crime give thanks and rejoice. Then take a moment to reflect upon some real security measures. Perhaps it is time to give your family a gift certificate for a concealed handgun course or some additional range time. It could be the gift that saves their life!


  • Application for temporary Concealed Handgun License (.pdf)
  • OAG's "CCW Training Fact Sheet" (.pdf)
  • Ohio Concealed Carry Training Publication (.pdf)
  • Application for standard Concealed Handgun License (.pdf)
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