State Issues 2 through 5 – Trouble for gun owners

By Larry S. Moore

There are several State Issues on the November 8 ballot. State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 are of special concern to me as a gun owner. These issues never mention the Second Amendment, firearms, hunting or concealed carry. However, if passed, they are certain to have a negative impact on our future. These issues will make participation in PACs, such as the Buckeye Firearms Association, more difficult and limit our free speech in the political process.

Perhaps you have already seen the ads by Reform Ohio Now touting the reform and a fresh outlook for Ohio. If not, you will - the media blitz is starting. Reform Ohio Now (RON) is attempting to capitalize on Gov. Taft’s opposition to the state issues. This is not an issue about Gov. Taft. If it were about defending Gov. Taft I would not waste my time writing it or your time reading it. The issue is not even whether reform is needed in Ohio. Many of us agree that reform is needed. The question for the November 8 ballot is, are Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 the type of reform that is needed for Ohio?

To help determine those answers any gun owner need only look as far as the groups that are providing huge dollars to fund Reform Ohio Now.

Almost 94% of the money raised in support of RON has come from out of state. Even more concerning to gun owners should be the fact that just over 48% has come from organizations that are funded by George Soros. In case there are gun owners that still don’t recognize the name Soros, he is the rabidly anti-gun billionaire financier who has backed such organizations as Common Cause (a RON contributor), Act, MoveOn.Org, Americans For Gun Safety, and others. He literally spent a fortune attempting to buy the Presidency for John Kerry.

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State Issue 2 is the no fault absentee ballot request. Currently anyone voting by absentee ballot must specify a reason, such as being out of state, in order to use the absentee ballot option. State Issue 2 will change that to allow anyone requesting an absentee ballot to vote absentee. Both political parties encouraged absentee ballots be used in the last Presidential election for anyone who might be unable to vote at the polls in the general election. Many people used the system to avoid lines at the local polls. There are some concerns with this issue. The first is, does this really belong within the framework of the Ohio Constitution? The second is that a large number of absentee ballots will require additional work for the local Board of Elections matching signatures and ballots which increase the opportunity for fraud within the old adage of “vote early and vote often”.

State Issue 3 is the campaign finance reform for Ohio. Even though the national McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance reform has faced several court challenges, is an undergoing revision in Congress, and nearly spelled disaster for gun owners, RON is pushing ahead that this type of “reform” is needed in Ohio. If King George could have pulled this type of “reform” off in the 1770s, we would all still be British subjects today. This state issue will simply make it harder for the average person, like me, to participate in the political process in Ohio. It will limit the things PACs, like Buckeye Firearms Association, can do in fund raising and election activism. Quite simply, my First Amendment freedoms to speak out for my Second Amendment rights are on the verge of being denied. This state issue will deny gun owners the opportunity to be engaged in the political process. Instead the big spenders like George Soros will see their influence expanded and their vision of a gun free society closer to reality.

State Issues 4 and 5 assign the responsibility for redistricting and operating Ohio’s elections to appointed boards. This simply adds another layer of government and increases the size of state government. It removes the responsibility from those elected officials for whom we had an opportunity to vote to appointed officials for whom we never voted. These issues are taking our freedom and responsibility to vote and shifting that from “we the people” to “we the appointed”. I often disagree with my elected officials but at least I have voted for or against them. I also know how to contact them as a constituent and voice my opinions. I rarely know the names of all the people on various boards. Still think boards are good idea? Well consider that the Bureau of Workers Compensation has an oversight board to ensure the proper ethical and legal operation of that branch. So much for my faith in boards to do what is right!

Time is short and the fight is certainly an uphill battle, both conditions that seem to constantly face gun owners. I urge every gun owner to become involved in the battle to halt the take over of our state by big-government and anti-gun organizations.

You can help. The Ohio First Voter Education Fund is leading the effort to defeat these dangerous issues. They are getting grassroots coordinators in place. They have developed a 72-hour plan for phone calls immediately before the election. If you can help protect your Ohio gun rights by working to defeat these issues please contact: Mr. Russ Long at the Ohio First Voter Education Fund at [email protected] or by calling 614-222-8490

Be sure to tell Mr. Long that you heard about the danger of State Issues 2 through 5 from Buckeye Firearms Association. This will help further establish us as a recognizable voice on the Ohio political scene.

Outdoor writer and hunter education instructor Larry S. Moore is a long-time volunteer leader for Buckeye Firearms Association and winner of the 2005 USSA Patriot Award.

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