State-mandated victim zones: College student gang-raped

She can vote. She can join the Armed Services in defense of her country. But in the eyes of Ohio law, she cannot be trusted to carry a firearm in defense of her dignity.

Dayton's WDTN is reporting that a University of Dayton woman was kidnapped and repeatedly raped near the U.D. Campus, and police are still looking for the three men who attacked her.
From the story:

    Police say the attackers picked out their victim when she was walking out of a Brown Street bar early Wednesday morning.
    When the 20-year old got to a nearby parking lot, three men in a dark S.U.V. drove up and grabbed her.
    The trio took her to a house and repeatedly raped her for four hours.
    At five in the morning, they drove back to campus and dropped her off.
    She was able to walk home and call a friend to take her to the hospital.

According to WDTN, hearing about the attack has put fellow students on alert. Nikki Lawson told the news channel "I'm probably more aware of where I'm going. And, like tonight, with other people. So, that I'm in a group and not alone, especially after dark."
The report also says University of Dayton officials say they've alerted all students and staff. In a mass e-mail, they told the community what happened and reminded students to be aware and travel in groups.
Too young to qualify for a CHL, and traveling in places where guns are banned. The law and society has ignored that she is not too young to become a victim of one of the worst types of crime for a woman. Other students seeking safety in numbers may have a false sense of security. Avoiding traveling alone may deter rapists in some cases, but there are also examples of one armed attacker subduing two or more victims. Additionally, one cannot stay in a large group all the time.

So the campus has alerted students. This is the very minimum they could do, and certainly not enough. What about announcing that CHL-classes will be given on class, and encouraging students old enough to legally qualify to obtain a license? What about sponsoring classes, such as NRA Refuse To Be Victim, for those students who are not old enough to obtain a CHL?

In 1966 the police in Orlando, Florida, responded to a rape epidemic by embarking on a highly publicized program to train 2,500 women in firearm use. The next year rape fell by 88 percent in Orlando (the only major city to experience a decrease that year); burglary fell by 25 percent. Not one of the 2,500 women actually ended up firing her weapon; the deterrent effect of the publicity sufficed." (Congressional Record, 90th Cong., 2d sess., January 30, 1968, p. 1496, n. 7) Five years later Orlando's rape rate was still 13 percent below the pre-program level, whereas the surrounding standard metropolitan area had suffered a 308 percent increase.
UD's response appears to fall well short of providing any real security for students.

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