Summertime Fun

By Jim Irvine

Today is the first full day of summer, which is another way of saying the days are now getting shorter. Before the rain turns to snow, we have several months to enjoy some good weather and great times.

Kids are out of school. It’s time to head to the beach, visit Cedar Point or Kings Island and celebrate July 4th. Many of us will travel to other states, visit our local county fair, and do all the things we can cram into our few months of warm weather. Summer is a time to relax a little and have some fun.

Summer is also a time when crime increases. If you have a CHL, it becomes harder to conceal with summertime clothing. Carrying a firearm and obeying all the laws is certainly not always convenient. Most of the times it’s not necessary. But like insurance, you need to carry it all the time, because you can’t predict what day you will need it.

If you will be traveling to other states, make sure you know the laws before you go. Many states honor your Ohio CHL, but you must obey their laws while in their state. There are many resources to keep you informed. Buckeye Firearms has reciprocity cards which list all the states your OH CHL is honored. Check your local gun store or ask us if you need one. The
Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

has a one page summary of each states firearms laws. For further information, consult or the official web site of the states you plan to visit.

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Ironically, if you are staying closer to home, it may be harder to follow the law. Because Ohio has does not have uniform firearms laws, local jurisdictions like Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo may pass rules that affect your ability to carry a gun. Some of these laws directly conflict with state law, and there are court cases in progress which may affect your rights. Passing statewide preemption language contained in HB347 is a top priority.

If you plan on attending a local parade or fair this summer, see if you can help your pro-gun State Representative. Wearing his/her T-shirt while you and your family are having fun is a simple way to offer support. Of course if you have more time, there are many other ways to get involved.

Campaigns are aware you like to have fun. If stuffy dinners are not your style, consider attending a golfing, fishing, or other recreational outings your Representative is hosting. Some also do sporting clays or other firearms related events.

Summer is a time to have fun. Make sure you stay safe and protected while enjoying our warm months. Try to do something related to a local campaign.

As sure as this summer will soon pass us by, so will this election season. Just as we sustain life through the winter with the food we grow in the summer and harvest in the fall, so to shall we sustain our legislative influence through the next legislative session with the relationships we build during summer with the candidates who we will help win in the fall.

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