Survey: Women OK with hunting

The following excerpt is from a March 1, 2006 Washington Times article written by Gene Mueller:

    I have no idea how accurate the National Wild Turkey Federation's numbers are, but the Edgefield, S.C.-based hunter/conservation group says 95 percent of women in the United States approve of female hunters....

    ....Through the turkey federation's Women in the Outdoors program, some 40,000 females across the country are learning outdoor skills and hobbies, such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking and birdwatching.

    The NWTF says it hopes to reach women from all walks of life through 18 full-time Women in the Outdoors regional coordinators and a quarterly magazine that is strictly geared to their interests.

    So why not get moms, sisters, wives, daughters and girlfriends into activities that for far too long were the exclusive dominion of men? Shame on us for being so selfish.

Commentary by Larry S. Moore
Women are the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports, which to me in a very broad interpretation, includes hunting.

Recently more of the non-shooting sports media is picking up on the fact that women enjoy the shooting sports. The Washington Times article notes that women, who may not hunt, are okay with hunting.

Some women are embracing hunting for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reasons, we certainly need to open the doors to all aspects of the shooting sports to women. There are many events, such as Women in the Outdoors, that offer those opportunities to women.

However, just as word of mouth is the best advertising, taking the time to the lady (or ladies) in your life hunting may make as big an impact on you as it does on them.

Click here for the complete story from the Washington Times.

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