Failure to Inform: CHL-holders taking a big risk on Ohio roadways

There are mounds of evidence that most members of the pro-gun community care deeply about the rule of law. We spend lots of money to ensure we are in compliance with the law. We spend lots of time discussing the law in discussion forums, and even more time and money trying to improve laws in our state capitols. It is never pleasant when we have to air dirty laundry, or have it aired for us in an...


WHAT: Local organizers in nearly twenty Ohio cities held "Defense" Walks in late 2003, at which local activists interested in protesting Governor Bob Taft's obstruction of concealed carry legislative reform "openly carried" their sidearms on a walk through the neighborhood. WHY: These "Defense" Walks offered a "visual display" of the choice Ohioans and legislators have before them as a result of...

Seneca County: Appeal of weapon ruling heard

When he rose in opposition to Sub. HB12 on the floor of the Senate today, Sen. Eric Fingerhut (D, Cleveland) told Senators that "no one has, in all these debates, shown me a case where the [existing law concerning] affirmative defenses present a problem." Apparently Fingerhut doesn't read the papers much. June 18, 2003 Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune LIMA, Ohio - Seneca County’s prosecutor argued in...

Op Ed: Gun Accident Reveals Double Standard

When politics and behind-the-scenes quid pro quo leads to the positioning of certain law enforcement groups against concealed carry reform, it is often tempting to place the blame on law enforcement itself. The leadership of groups like the Fraternal Order of Police labor union, and the Ohio Highway Patrol, continue to put up resistance to the restoration of Ohioans' self-defense rights. They say...


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