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Miss-Led Volume II

The liberal media and gun ban extremists are really trying to make something of the news that politicians' early predictions about the number of concealed handgun licenses were above actual application rates. Gannett News Service reporter Jim Siegel has published an article entitled "Demand for gun permits low - Sponsor wants to change law" , which has already appeared in most Gannett-owned Ohio...


January 18, 2004 Toledo Blade by Marilou Johanek Ohioans held hostage by the Republicans Tom Ridge should issue a red alert just for Ohio. We live in a perpetual state of emergency. Columbus is the cause of our distress. We're being held hostage by the Republican leadership. Officials elected to act in the people's best interest are little more than scoundrels in suits who have only special...

Op-Ed: Supremes are disarmingly wrong again

September 28, 2003 by Peter Bronson The Left Coast Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals tried to ban "God'' from the Pledge of Allegiance and blocked the California recall election, claiming voters are too stupid to use punch cards. No wonder California's Clinton-Carter court is reversed 80 percent of the time by the U.S. Supreme Court - a record of boneheaded rulings exceeded only by the Ohio Supreme...

Editorial: Liberals should stop opposing concealed handguns and start defending

Columbus Alive June 26, 2003 Fired Up by J. Caleb Mozzocco It's only a matter of time, so maybe you should start getting used to the idea now: Eventually, it will be completely legal to carry a concealed handgun in the state of Ohio, just as the founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Second Amendment. Or as the National Rifle Association intended when they started lobbying legislators...

Toledo Blade: Senate Committee ponders proximity in autos

A Senate committee moved closer yesterday to approving a controversial bill allowing Ohioans to carry hidden handguns. The bill is on the fast track in the Senate, but it remains to be seen how the House might react to some of the changes pondered in the Senate. Members of the Judiciary Committee on Civil Justice focused on the question of whether permit-holders should be prohibited from having...


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