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Ohio doctor registered as sex offender permitted to continue practice

Editor's Note: Judging from their new concealed carry website , even the Ohio Hospital Association won't speak up about this absurdity - as long as his patients don't try and exercise their right to self-defense at his office. February 6, 2004 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - With four doctors serving 15,000 people in Monroe County, a judge said she had no other choice but to allow a doctor registered as a...

Only one of three 2006 Governor-hopefuls would have done it better than Taft

Officeholders Give Peek At 2006 Governor's Race January 8, 2004 NBC4Columbus COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Statewide officeholders gave a hint Thursday of the 2006 governor's race when the three fellow Republicans disagreed on whether to repeal the temporary increase in the state sales tax before it would expire in 2005. The three outlined the measures they will back in the GOP-dominated Legislature at a...

Toledo gun control laws amount to colossal failure

It's getting hard to keep up with the crime headlines in Toledo. While the council and mayor chase smokers, vote to reinstate failed laws aimed at disarming the poor, and write letters to Gov. Taft opposing HB12, the innocent citizens of that city are under seige. The following headlines were all published in the past week in the Toledo Blade: Police take 20 minutes to respond to 911 call; 4 yr...


More information is now available concerning the tragic shooting of James Anthony ("Tony") Gordon in a Dayton carjacking Tuesday. (For background on this story, see: "Blood on their hands?: Dayton man dies in apparent carjacking" ) James Anthony Gordon, 27, of 309 E. Fairview Ave., was shot about 11:08 p.m. as his 13-year-old nephew, a passenger in the T-bird, watched. The car was stopped for a...

Concealed-carry reform and the post-Householder outlook

The election of the speaker of the Ohio House is 17 months away, but several state legislators have already begun meeting with fellow Republican House members seeking their support for a run at the seat. Each of the potential speaker candidates who have stepped forward thus far are 2002 OFCC PAC Endorsees. Current Speaker Larry Householder cannot run for re-election next year because of the state...


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