Conservation Reinvestment Initiative

TAKE ACTION to Rebuild Public Shooting Ranges and Benefit All Ohio Sportsmen

Tell your Representative to Support the "Conservation Reinvestment Initiative" to Rebuild Public Shooting Ranges and Benefit All Ohio Sportsmen


Sportsmen Need the Ohio Legislature to Pass Gov. Dewine’s Budget to Save Ohio’s Wildlife Habitat, Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and the Shooting Sports.

For a decade or more, Ohio’s hunting, fishing and trapping lands have been neglected due to a lack of funding. Shooting ranges are deteriorating and/or are closed pending repair, and there is an enormous backlog of fishing access.

Worse, Ohio is on the verge of losing 55,000 acres of lands currently available to sportsmen and women. Without immediate action, the quality of hunting, fishing, trapping will suffer and access to a significant portion of public land will disappear.

When hunting quality suffers, so does Ohio. Hunting has a $1.4 Billion impact on Ohio each year and generates $321 million in trip-related spending. Fishing is even bigger generating $2.9 Billion to Ohio’s economy. Together hunting and fishing are responsible for more than 40,000 jobs.

How Big is the Problem?

Ohio sportsmen have been raising these issues for more than six years now beginning in 2013. Back then, the situation could largely have been fixed with a modest increase in hunting and fishing licenses, which sportsmen have supported about every ten years.

Instead, the problem was ignored, resulting in a giant backlog of habitat and access projects that are going unaddressed, impacting conservation and hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities.

Additionally, the Division of Wildlife is unable to fill 14 wildlife officer positions leaving multiple counties vacant. Further, American Electric Power is selling the remaining 55,000 acres of its ReCreation lands, which would shut Ohioans out of approximately ten percent of all available public land open to outdoor recreation.

Ohio began to address these problems in 2017 when the legislature substantially increased non-resident hunting and fishing fees. The non-resident fee increases began this past year and are being phased in over two more years. Unfortunately, those alone won’t solve the problem.

Governor DeWine’s Budget Begins to Address These Issues

This issue has been compounding for six years and can no longer be solved with a quick fix. But Governor Mike DeWine is keeping his promise to Ohio sportsmen by introducing several items aimed at improving habitat, access and quality hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities.

The Conservation Reinvestment Package

  • Provides bond money to acquire a substantial portion of AEP ReCreation Lands.
  • Allows Wildlife Chief to manage license fees preventing larger price hikes.
  • Approves a modest increase in fishing licenses and hunting permits.

Take Action Today!

The Conservation Reinvestment provisions will help preserve public land, invest in shooting range improvements, manage Ohio’s wildlife habitat, and improve fishing access.

Governor DeWine has stepped up and demonstrated the leadership we asked of him. He is taking the lead in fighting for the changes we’ve asked for. But now, these provisions will be subject to approval by the legislature.

Please help support the Governor by contacting your state representative today! Ask them to vote YES to support the Conservation Reinvestment Initiative, as submitted in the Governor’s budget bill.


The Conservation Reinvestment Initiative is Supported by ...

Sportsmen’s Alliance, Buckeye Firearms Association, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation – Ohio Chapter, Ohio State Trappers Association, Ohio Conservation Federation, Ohio Pheasants Forever, Ohio Quail Forever, SCI – Central Ohio Chapter, Greene County Fish and Game, Hocking County Fish and Game, Columbiana County Federation of Conservation Clubs, Adams County Sportsman Quail Forever, Ashtabula Rod & Gun Club, Darby Plains Pheasants Forever, Deer Creek Pheasants Forever, Fulton County Sportsmen’s Club, Gallia County Conservation Club, Greater Columbus Pheasants Forever, Headhunters Club, League of Ohio Sportsmen, Marion County Pheasants Forever, Ohio Back County Hunters and Anglers, Ohio Bass Federation, Ohio Husky Musky Club, Richwood Gun and Game Club, Senaca County Pheasants Forever,. SW Ohio Chapter SCI, Stark County Federation of Conservation Clubs, Wyandot County Pheasants Forever.

Dean Rieck is Executive Director of Buckeye Firearms Association, a former competitive shooter, NRA Patron Member, #1 NRA Recruiter for 2013, business owner and partner with Second Call Defense.

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