Takes one to know one? Akron Mayor calls Country Diners owner an ''idiot''

Special thanks to OFCC supporter Murray Winland for sending us this Akron "idiot" report.

Upon passage of Ohio House Bill 12, Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic whined, "We took guns away from the Wild, Wild West more than 100 years ago,'' he said, "and we're revisiting it. I really think it's a sad day.

"It's a real indication of the wrong direction that the state of Ohio has gone with these right-wing folks down there driving the issues. I cannot believe... the typical soccer moms in suburbia who have helped put these people in office are going to feel good when they go to the nearest Wendy's... and find a bunch of people with guns strapped to their hips.''

Akron-area restauranteur Ed Davidian (Country Diners) responded by announcing that he would post discriminatory signs banning CHL-holders from enter his stores while armed.

In a February 5, 2004 story in the Akron Beacon Journal on an unrelated matter, Plusquellic said "Ed Davidian is an idiot. He's been an absolute screwball... I just discount a guy like that. I don't know his motivation, but it can't be sincere. He's never done anything but devious political things.''

Based on Plusquellic's comments about concealed carry, it appears it truly does take one to know one.

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