Ted Nugent's newsworthy comments on Romney overlooked in flap over comments about an Obama second term

by Chad D. Baus

Every year, the anti-gun media look for something with which to paint the NRA Annual Meetings in a negative light. This year was no different, and the media frenzy took shape when NRA Board of Directors member Ted Nugent stated in an interview on NRANews.com that he will "either be dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama is re-elected. (Rather innocuous comments, if you ask me, when compared to recent comments spoken just days earlier by Louis Farrakhan: "people tomorrow, maybe in a few days, are going to kill their leaders who have been sellin' them out".)

But lost in all the hub-bub over a sentence or two was a very detailed discussion of the conservative rocker's thoughts on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Turning to the convention hall crowded with onlookers, Nugent began:

"Let me make a brief statement here as a citizen, not as a board member of the NRA...as a dad, and a husband, and a blood brother. I know Mitt Romney has made terrible mistakes in the past, up there in the Massachusetts zone.

"Do we or do we not live to recruit anti-hunters to become NRA members? Is that what we live for? Do we not recruit people to become Christians? If we get a person to become a Christian, if we get a person to be a pro-Second Amendment person, would we still condemn them before the made the upgrade? Or would we embrace them for their new vision?

"Mitt Romney is one of us now. He is a great man. He pledged to me 'no more gun laws...no more ammo restrictions...no more restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms.'

"If we don't vote for Mitt Romney, Barack wins. And I know it's a hard pill to swallow because of what Mitt has done in the past. I had a long talk with him. And remember, I know what to say. And I know what to demand. And he vowed to me the things that you want from our president. He is going to help gut Fedzilla, and get rid of the corruption and the abuse of power, and the refusal to be accountable, and the spending money that will never exist.

"And to rewarding blood-suckers instead of rewarding producers. If you haven't got a job, how can there be unemployment benefits? There's a benefit to being unemployed? Not in my band there isn't! If you ain't in my band I ain't payin' ya'. If you're my son and you ain't workin' I ain't payin' ya'.

"I'm not saying if you put into unemployment you can't draw what is yours. But we've got a blood-sucker nation right now that this president is buying their votes.

"So Mitt Romney is going to attack all these violations. I am convinced of it. I know you didn't all have a personal conversation with him. I hope you listened to his speech yesterday. He meant every word of that. You may have recognized some of the bullet points he stated. He means it.

"There's only one boat that's leaving the dock with the medicine to cure America. I love Ron Paul. I love Newt Gingerich. I love Rick Perry. He would've been the best president of all. I love Rick Santorum, I really do...great man. They would've all...Michelle Bachman - they wouldn't all been better than Barack Obama, but there's one boat leaving the dock bringing the medicine to fix America. The boat's name is Mitt Romney. If you don't vote Mitt Romney you are in fact voting for Barack Obama. Know that! Spread that word.

"Hundreds...you need to get hundreds...you need to get hundreds, hundreds of people. From now on, no more talkin' weather. No more talkin' next huntin' season. No more talkin' nothin' but the November elections. Get 'em to register. Get 'em to vote."

I do wish Uncle Ted had done a give a bit more of an explanation as to why he decided to endorse Mitt Romney for president when he did - i.e. before Super Tuesday, when the Republican primary was still far from decided. But overall, these are important words that gun owners and freedom-lovers need to hear.

Either Mitt Romney looked Ted Nugent square in his eye and lied until his pants caught on fire, or he is what Nuge said he is - a reformed person who now fully backs the Second Amendment. Time will tell.

But the bottom line is, there is no question whatsoever about the alternative. We know where Barack Obama stands, and if he gets his way with more Supreme Court nominees, another four years could literally mean the end of our individual right to bear arms.

Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Vice Chairman.

Note: The NRA has reportedly made the unfortunate decision to remove the interview from its websites, but the video can still be viewed here (comments quoted above begin at about 18:45):

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