Ted Strickland goes on offense; highlights gun bill stalled in Senate

More than a year ago, when Democratic congressman Ted Strickland announced his candidacy for governor, we asked the question: What will a pro-gun Democrat do to the Ohio governor's race? We noted that in recent years, the pickings for Ohio gun owners have been slim when it came to the governors' race. Whether it was George Voinovich or Bob Taft, the OhioGOP simply has not had much to offer people concerned with the protection of our self-defense rights, and that choices among Democrat contenders were even worse.

Now his party's gubernatorial nominee, Ted Strickland has listed yet another thing he says he is willing to do for Ohioans that Republican Bob Taft isn't: pass HB347 as it left the Ohio House in a 76-18 vote.

    Strickland Statement on Ohio Senate's Failure to Act on Legislation to Strengthen Protections for Ohio's Gun Owners

    Columbus, Ohio – Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland today offered the following statement on the Ohio Senate’s failure to act on HB 347, legislation to strengthen protections for Ohio’s gun owners, before retiring for summer recess.

    “Ohio’s GOP leadership has demonstrated that they are unwilling to act on important legislation to strengthen protections for Ohio’s gun owners.

    The improvements needed to Ohio’s current concealed carry law outlined in HB 347 have bipartisan support from both Democratic and Republican legislators in the Ohio House of Representatives. But the Republican-controlled senate has stalled this very important bill indefinitely.

    As governor, I would support passage of this bill in its entirety and would sign HB 347 into law the moment it hit my desk. I urge the legislature to stop the delay and pass this legislation as soon as possible.”

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