Ten People Who Are Threatening Your Ohio Gun Rights

By Chris Chumita

Article 1, Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution states “The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security.”

While our right to keep and bear arms is clearly stated in our state constitution, it is constantly under attack. In order to defend our rights, we have to know who is threatening them.

The following is a list of ten people who are threatening our Ohio gun rights.

10) Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg may be the Mayor of New York City, but he still has a profound affect on our Ohio gun rights. In an attempt to spread his restrictive New York City gun laws all over the country, Bloomberg has hosted two anti-gun summits with other big city mayors. You can read more about the summits here and here.

In addition to the summits, Bloomberg launched a so-called “investigation” into gun stores in Ohio and several other states. During the course of the “investigation,” Bloomberg’s investigators may have committed felonies by lying on BATFE Form 4473. It is also being reported that Bloomberg’s actions may have interfered with "on-going investigations" by the BATFE.

9) Rebecca Peters

Rebecca Peters is the Director of the International Action Network On Small Arms (IANSA). Ms. Peters works with the United Nations, and there are over 500 organizations from almost 100 countries that work under the IANSA umbrella. According to IANSA, they are working “to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons.” Don’t let their terminology fool you; they are talking about your hunting rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Peters clearly showed her anti-Second Amendment beliefs and her disdain for the United States during a debate with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre during the “Great UN Gun Debate.” Peters has proven to be very effective. She played a large role in the gun ban and confiscations in Australia.

The IANSA backed gun-ban may have failed in Brazil, but she appears to be Hell bent on imposing her form of “reasonable gun control measures” on the United States. The UN’s recent attempt at a gun ban is only the beginning.

8) Betty Montgomery

Betty Montgomery is running against the Buckeye Firearms Association endorsed Democrat Marc Dann for Attorney General. The Attorney General is an extremely important position to the Ohio gun owner.

Betty Montgomery has not made it a secret that she DOES NOT support our right to carry concealed firearms for personal defense and DOES support the media’s “right” to publish YOUR name when you apply for a concealed handgun license (CHL). She also does not want to be affiliated with the National Rifle Association.

This is an election in which Ohio gun owners can have a voice. Make your voice heard and vote for Marc Dann over Betty Montgomery to protect your Ohio gun rights.

7) Mike Dewine and Sherrod Brown

In the race for Senator, Ohio citizens truly have no choice when it comes to their gun rights. Current Senator Mike Dewine has a long history of opposing the rights of gun owners. In fact, he was listed as number 10 on Human Event’s “Top Ten Anti-Gun Senators." His challenger, Representative Sherrod Brown, is just as bad. Mr. Brown also has a long history of opposing gun rights. They are both true enemies of our gun rights.

The biggest loser in this race is Ohio’s gun owners. We are left without a choice, because both candidates will work hard to strip us of our gun rights.

6) Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich is a super liberal congressman and former Mayor of Cleveland. Kucinich has a long history of opposing our gun rights. Despite a dismal record as a congressman, he continues to get reelected.

This is another election in which Ohio gun owners can have a voice. Make your voice heard and vote for Mike Dovilla over Dennis Kucinich to protect your Ohio gun rights.

5) Mike Mentel

Mike Mentel is the Columbus City Councilman who sponsored Columbus’s new super restrictive “assault rifle ban.” As a result of the ban, the National Rifle Association pulled their annual national convention from Columbus. Consequently, the City of Columbus lost approximately 20 million dollars in revenue that would have been generated by the NRA annual national convention.

4) Paul McClellan

Colonel Paul McClellan is the current Superintendent of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP). The position of Superintendent is unelected and the voters have no direct recourse against the OSHP or its political bureaucracy. The OSHP is directly responsible for the ridiculous law that requires concealed weapon license (CHL) holders to keep their firearms in “plain sight” or locked in the glove box while in a motor vehicle. McClellan and the OSHP continue to oppose HB 347, which would remove the “plain sight” requirement from Ohio’s CCW law.

3) Toby Hoover

Toby Hoover is the ringleader, and perhaps only member, of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (OCAGV). The OCAGV is an anti-gun organization that is frequently quoted in media reports and, consequently, wields a disproportionate amount of political clout. However, they are now losing more battles than they win, and Hoover is starting to resemble an aging movie actress who trying desperately to remain relevant.

Due to the statewide media’s habit of seeking comment from Hoover and the OCAGV while simultaneously ignoring state-based pro-gun groups, they are a still a threat, and they have aligned themselves with other anti-gun groups under the flag of the Freedom States Alliance. Hoover will continue to use the OCAGV and sound bite opportunities to exploit her own personal tragedy to rob us of our Ohio gun rights.

2) Some Ohio Business Owners

Under Ohio law, private businesses have the right to post signs that ban law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms on business property. The business owner can prohibit the possession of firearms inside their building, and also prohibit storing firearms in locked vehicles in their parking lots.

While some business owners have posted the signs due to their distaste for the Second Amendment, others posted the signs in a feeble attempt at making their businesses “safer” for their customers. These businesses wrongfully feel that law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms are a threat to themselves or their customers. What these businesses fail to realize is that posting a business creates a Criminal Protection Zone (CPZ), which only makes it safer for a criminal to victimize the innocent. Do they really believe that criminal who intends to commit armed robbery would be stopped by a sign? Ask United Dairy Farmers how well the signs are protecting their stores.

In the short time that Ohio has had this law, there are already tragic stories. The recent kidnapping and rape of a woman at the Crocker Park/Promenade, shopping center in Westlake, is a perfect example.

1) The Apathetic Ohio Gun Owner

The apathetic Ohio gun owner doesn’t fight to protect their Second Amendment rights and feels that “They would never take my guns.” Sadly, the fact that guns were confiscated from law-abiding citizens in New Orleans didn’t change their mind. This person does not mind when laws are passed that affect other types of firearms. Sadly, this person does not realize that the true-endgame of the gun-grabbers is a total ban of ALL guns, not just those “evil assault rifles” and handguns.

He does not vote, and does not volunteer on campaigns of pro-gun candidates. As a result, anti-gun candidates win elections and continue to erode our gun rights. This helps explain why candidates like Dennis Kucinich and Mike Dewine continue to win. Mr. Apathetic does not write letters or emails to his representatives demanding that they protect our gun rights, and people like Toby Hoover see his silence as a form of support for their anti-gun legislation.

He does not write letters or emails to various newspapers, television stations, and radio stations challenging their anti-gun reporting and bias.

He does not belong to or support national gun advocacy groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA) or the Jews For The Preservation of Firearm Ownership (JPFO). They are also not active at the local level with organizations such as the Buckeye Firearms Association, Ohioans For Concealed Carry, or the People’s Rights Organization (PRO).

The apathetic Ohio gun owner is by far the most dangerous threat to your gun rights. In fact, this person does more damage to our Ohio gun rights than the rest of this list combined. If they don’t wake up soon, it may be too late.

Chris Chumita is an editor and volunteer for the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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