Toby Hoover admits posting discriminatory signs is a ''business risk''

On Thursday, OFCC made readers aware of the fact that Ohio-based Carter Lumber is discriminating against its Ohio customers who choose to bear arms for self-defense by posting signs, but that the company does not and has not post signs in other concealed carry states such as Indiana and Pennsylvania.

One of our readers is the woman who fronts the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, Toby Hoover. On Friday, Hoover sent an email advisory (without crediting OFCC) begging recipients to call Carter Lumber and thank them for being "willing to take a business risk in order to provide your family safety we should thank them and let them know we appreciate their concerns for us."

Her pleas about Carter Lumber continued:


    The gun carriers will threaten to boycott them and responsibile businesses need to hear from us.

    There is an expected 25,000 people that will get a license to carry a loaded weapon in public in Ohio this year.

    There are 7 million adult Ohioans that will not.

    Businesses need to hear from those 7 million of us that will shop at their stores.

Hoover's claim that 25,000 CHLs will be issued this year are grossly underestimated. Given the number of licenses issued, and including the number of applications in the pipeine, OFCC can report that number will be reached in a matter of weeks.

Consider some of the OFCC News this gun ban extremist has NOT informed her email list about this year:

  • In January, the 2004 Zogby Values Poll finds voters overwhelmingly favor these self-protection laws by a margin of 79% to 18%. Since nowhere near 79% will obtain licenses in Ohio, nor have they in any other state, Hoover's attempt to to claim that anyone who does not obtain a CHL is on her side are ridiculous.
  • In February, the Dayton Daily News reported that pro-concealed carry letters, calls, faxes and emails outpaced those sent by anti-gunners by more than 11 to 1 since Taft took office in 1999.
  • In April, Hoover failed to notify her email list when OFCC revealed that she had falsely accuses State Representative and Sheriff of law-breaking.
  • In May, Hoover had no comment when Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro filed a Motion to Dismiss her own lawsuit against Ohio's new concealed carry law, which takes the strange approach of asking the Supreme Court to order sheriffs not to perform their duty under the law. Petro's office states that Hoover's claims "lack proper standing" before the Ohio Supreme Court with a Writ of Mandamus, and that "the complaint fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted by this Court."
  • Throughout the year, Hoover has failed to report on the increasing number of posted businesses which are being robbed, including an Akron Dairy Mart in which the clerk was pistol-whipped in front of six defenseless customers.

    Since we know she is reading our website, and if the truly hopes to stamp out "gun violence", as her organization's name implies, shouldn't she be a bit less selective about the OFCC News she forwards to her email list?

    Hoover now acknowledges that posting signs is a "business risk." Recently she also recognized the benefit of concealed security at businesses, admitting in a letter to the Lorain Morning Journal that the criminal element could be deterred by the unknown "security" behind-the-scenes at business which advertise the fact that their customers are defenseless by posting signs.

    There is one more article on the OFCC website which we hope Hoover will read on her next visit and share with others like herself:

    Raging Against Self-Defense is an excellent essay by Dr. Sarah Thompson, which examines the anti-gun mentality from a psychiatric perspective.

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