Toledo Blade: ''Police union’s support deemed crucial to governor’s approval''

"The Ohio Senate appears poised for a lame-duck session vote this week on a controversial bill allowing law-abiding Ohioans to carry concealed handguns."

"Toby Hoover of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence of Toledo, said she does not believe FOP acquiescence will make a difference."

"'I don’t think that would be enough on its own,' she said. 'The governor has promised all of us that he would veto the bill unless it has the support of all law enforcement. That’s not going to happen, even if the FOP stops opposing it.'"

"Ohio is one of six states that does not allow the carrying of concealed handguns."

"'There are people who fear guns and that will not change,'" said Rep. Jim Aslanides (R., Coshocton), the bill’s sponsor. 'We would try to simply turn that fear around to the criminals because they have guns.'"

Commentary by Chad D. Baus:
Hoover's comments represent a lot of wishful thinking - Gov. Taft has asked for a bill with a "majority" of law enforcement support, and named the FOP labor union specifically. The idea that the new FOP position on this bill still isn't enough proves just how far these people will attempt to raise the bar so long as we continute to compromise.

In reading this entire Toledo Blade article, it is obvious this reporter, Jim Provance, has only got contact information in his rolodex for those who oppose this bill.

Interested persons may email Mr. Provance suggestions on others from whom he should get quotes if he wants to file a more accurate, complete report. You may also wish to email Blade news editor Roger Downing.

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