Tony Gordon Memorial Fund Established

James A. "Tony" Gordon, a 27-year-old father, died on Wednesday, August 6,
2003 after being shot in the chest during an attempted carjacking. Ohioans
For Concealed Carry is concerned with all criminal victimizations - the desire to reduce violent crime is a key reason why we advocate the passage of a concealed carry law, such as every state surrounding Ohio, and 45 states in our nation, now enjoy.

What brought us special concern in Tony's case was the manner in which he was victimized. According to Lt. John Huber, Dayton Police department, Tony was killed while trying to "drive away" from his attacker "and was shot for it."

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For months prior to Tony's tragic death, Ohio State Highway Patrol bureaucrats had been emailing concerned citizens, stating that "the fundamental nature of a motor vehicle" allows persons who are victimized to
"drive away from an attacker." In the February 16, 2003 issue of the Columbus Dispatch, OSHP Capt. John Born stated "We do not want a loaded firearm readily accessible to the driver of a car. If there's a dangerous situation and you're in your car, you can drive off.", explaining why the OSHP opposes allowing citizens to carry firearms for their own defense.

Whether aware of it at the time or not, Tony was doing just what the OSHP would have recommended he do in that situation. While his car was stopped for a red light at the corner of North Main St. and Fairview Ave in Dayton, an armed criminal approached his car and shouted at him to get out. Tony tried to drive away, and his attacker fired, striking him in the chest.

There was a second reason for which Tony's victimization got our attention: his 13-year-old nephew was a passenger in the car. At the time Tony was attacked, Ohio concealed carry had been stalled for months because Gov. Bob Taft was insisting that any concealed carry bill he sign include a lockbox provision, which would force persons in vehicles with minor occupants to lock up their firearms, and render them useless in the event of an attack. Had the
Senate's version of House Bill 12 been law on the night Tony was attacked, Taft's carjacker protection provision would have ensured that Tony still could not have been armed, because his nephew was with him.

Taft's office has refused to comment on whether Mr. Gordon's murder would weigh at all on the governor's insistence on his lockbox, or "Carjacker Protection" provision.

Thankfully, Tony's nephew was not injured, thanks to the heroic efforts of Tony. Despite his injuries, Tony managed to drive his car a few blocks back to his home. Upon arrival, he pounded on the door, yelling 'Dad, Dad!'. When his father, Mr. James Gordon, opened the door, Tony said " 'Dad, I'm shot' ". Tony later died of the gunshot wound to his chest.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry has established a memorial fund at Bank One to benefit the 2 year-old daughter and 13-year old nephew of slain father James A. "Tony" Gordon.

"This has been a devastating tragedy," said Chad Baus, Ohioans For Concealed Carry spokesperson. "Establishing a memorial fund to help the family through this devastating time seems like such a small
thing in comparison to their great loss. Our hope is that it will help the family and lessen the financial burden during their time of grief." "Fundraising events will be listed on our website. We invite everyone to
hold an event of their own to help the Gordon family because together, we
can make a difference."

Tony was a very loving father and role model to his nephew. He was a
professional mechanic and his hobbies included, auto restoration and car shows. Tony recently completed work on a truck with his father and nephew they had built together and the three were planning to attend a car show that Wednesday with it.

Checks should be made out to the "Phyllis Jean Gordon, Dayton, Ohio" and may be
deposited at any Bank One location, mailed to: Bank One, 260 East Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, Dayton, OH 45324.

To make a secure online donation, href="
d=01fd95fbf3bf7c537e6f041af7fb8c0b">click here, click on the photo of Tony Gordon at the top of the homepage, or email [email protected]

Tony's attacker remains at large. Anyone with information about his homicide is asked to call Dayton police at 333-COPS or Sgt. Gary White at 333-1190.

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