Townhall meeting: Patriots rally in support of the Second Amendment Marches

By Nick Arnold

On February 20th, over 40 local patriots rallied at Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, OH to support the Ohio and national Second Amendment Marches.

Literature and promotional material regarding the marches and trip-planning information was disseminated to the participants. Buckeye Firearms Association volunteers Steve Loos and Sara Arnold, along with myself, welcomed guests and introduced the day's speakers.

First to speak was Libertarian candidate for Ohio's 23rd House District - Casey Borders ( Borders is a life-long supporter of the right to bear arms for personal protection. "I participated in the Open Carry Marches organized by OFCC [Ohioans For Concealed Carry] and I was one of the first people in the state to get my CHL," Borders said. He also touched on the importance of the Heller Supreme Court decision. "[T]he Supreme Court has confirmed that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right and not only a collective right." Later, Borders observed that "[L]egislation [has been introduced] that would allow restaurant carry and I feel that it is imperative that it gets passed into law."

Beth Lear ( - the Republican candidate for State Representative for Ohio's 2nd District - offered some thoughts on the importance of protecting our right to keep and bear arms. "The Constitution is clear that citizens have the right to own and use firearms. I do not believe that states or cities have a Constitutional right to infringe upon that," Lear said, adding "My family on both sides exercises their right to keep and bear arms for target practice, hunting and protection."

Mark Noble (, who is a former candidate for Lieutenant Governor and is now seeking the 22nd District House seat, presented information regarding Ohio's 31-round magazine capacity limit and other restrictions that he will work to remove if elected. "The restriction has nothing to do with [the firearm's] mechanical operation," Noble said. He also touched on a variety of issues ranging from health care reform to state tax reduction.

Ken Hanson - candidate for the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors - provided a legislative and legal update to participants regarding the status of several bills, and also the McDonald v. City of Chicago Supreme Court Case.

Next on the agenda was an open forum, moderated by yours truly, where participants voiced opinions and concerns, and posed questions to the panel of speakers.

For more information on the Second Amendment March movement and to sign up for their newsletter please visit

The Ohio Second Amendment March will be held on April 10th at 11:00 AM on the Statehouse lawn. The national Second Amendment March will be held April 19 at the Washington Monument from 10 AM - 4 PM. For complete details on arrangements for group travel and hotel accommodations, see below.

Second Amendment March Event Information:

D.C. March

The National March will occur on Monday April 19th, 2010. A liberty-minded organization - W.A.L.N.U.T. - is organizing the buses from Ohio to Washington, D.C. (

You are invited to come make a stand for our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Our Constitutional freedoms are under assault. Let us exercise the freedoms we have, to protect the freedoms we have, as loud and as long as we can.

We will be meeting at the "Fast Track" parking lot in Columbus, Ohio at 7:30 AM on Sunday April 18th. We will be departing at 9:00 AM for Washington D.C.

Fast Track Parking Lot
1399 Stelzer Road
Columbus, OH 43219

We will arrive and stay at the Washington/Dulles Marriott Hotel. The rooms are double occupancy so there will be two persons per room. On Monday, April 19th we will participate in the March on Washington, and then return that evening.

The cost is $150 to participate with W.A.L.N.U.T. This price includes Bus and Hotel fees. See the website ( to sign up, or contact [email protected] .

Ohio March

For those with a passion for the cause but who cannot make the journey to our nation's capital, Ohioans will be marching on our state capitol in Columbus on April the 10th at 11 AM. The Mission of the Ohio Capitol March will be to:

- Galvanize the courage and resolve of American gun owners

- Petition our elected officials against establishing anti 2A legislation,

- And most important, to remind our fellow Americans that the Second Amendment is necessary to maintain our right to self defense

04/11/10 11AM
1 Capitol Square
info: [email protected].

Please encourage your pro-Second Amendment, liberty-loving friends, family and acquaintances to attend these historic events!

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