Under Attack by anti-CCW forces: Jim Trakas (R-17) Needs your Help Nov. 5!

Last month, we reported that
anti-CCW forces had decided to make Jim Trakas' (R-17) support for Concealed Carry Reform a linch pin in their campaign to unseat him. Attack ads were televised in the 17th House District, essentially making the claim that Trakas supports Wild West-type justice and that he wants to make it easier for criminals to get guns.

We have also learned about a recent letter sent to voters by US Mail, stating that "Jim Trakas is not only a supporter of concealed and carry, he sponsored legislation in favor of it. As a single man with no children, Trakas is not thinking about the safety of your children. He's thinking about protecting his status with special interest groups." The letter states that it was "Paid for by Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods, PO Box 82136, Columbus, OH 43202.

This group has NOT registered with the Ohio Secretary of State, or registered after the deadline required for reporting before this election (perhaps intentionally, to hide the money trail until after the fact). Furthermore, listed a P.O. Box, and not a physical address, violates Ohio Election laws.

If you live in or near District 17, click on the "Read More..." link below to learn how you can help on Election Day!


If you live in the 17th District, where Representative Jim Trakas is running for re-election, your help is needed.

Since the OFCC PAC's voter guide was released, this race has become very
close. The anti-gun extremists in Northeast Ohio have waged a campaign against Representative Trakas, and they're trying to make him lose his seat because he voted for House Bill 274. If you live anywhere in Northeast Ohio, his campaign needs your help on November 5th.

What volunteers are asked to do:

You'll either stand at the polls passing out
information politely asking people to vote for a candidate, working the phones reading pre-read scripts and asking folks to vote, or if you wish, transporting people who need rides to the polls.

Why call people?

Ohio election law requires that a list of those who have (and thereby who have NOT voted, be posted at 11:00 a.m. and again at 4:00 p.m. on Election Day. Calls are made to voters in those lists would would likely vote for our candidates if they vote. Candidates consider this entire process very important, even if you can only show up for a few hours or after work. Remember, polls
are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., so there is always something to be done somewhere.

Justin Ketchem is Trakas' Election Day coordinator and can be reached at 216/534-6346.

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