The Uninvited Ombudsman Report, No. 72 - Ammo Shortage Ending

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Dec. 15 this year is a Tuesday, mark your calendars now. Committees of Correspondence nationwide are beginning to prepare for the Bill of Rights Day commemoration that left people delighted with the grandeur and significance of the public reading of our charter of freedom -- one of the world's most famous documents.

Simple steps for planning your own local BOR Day event:

Reports from prior events, with the lighter and darker side of it:

2008 recap (at the Wrigley Mansion)

The Bill of Rights


2- "Vigilant Eagle" GunSpies

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

A new campaign to quietly gather information on American gun owners is being rolled out by the FBI working with the nation's gun police, BATFE.

Code-named "Vigilant Eagle," federal agents plan to visit gun stores to meet with owners and staff, establish "friendly" relations and press the flesh, "in the hopes of obtaining informal information on people buying guns," according to information received and recently released by Gun Owners of America, a powerful gun lobby in Wash., D.C. GOA got the info from a well known journalist at a top U.S. paper who must remain anonymous while the investigation continues. A national break in this story will occur after the Page Nine and GOA leak.

Shop owners contacted by so-called vigilant eagles (they're unlikely to call themselves that) are encouraged to contact GOA with details of the encounter: The information will eventually be used in breaking national news.


3- Ammo Shortage Ending

The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Ammo's back, stores are cutting their desperate orders for quantity, and manufacturers are starting to gag on excess inventory built up during the rush to supply demand, according to several sources and Miwall, the huge ammo wholesaler serving western state gun shows. The good news -- prices are starting to drop too. "We're getting new pricing almost daily," the wholesaler says, and that's expected to continue into the holidays. Probably. WalMart reportedly had 100-round boxes of 9mm on the shelves for $19.95.

Marksmen, most of whom already have sizeable supplies, topped off until they are practically out of space, and their wives reportedly won't let them start storing the stuff in the kitchen. "None of us had a personal shortage," says one anonymous sportsman with a knowing grin, "it's just that we had a hard time replacing supplies or getting goods at cheap prices, so we went to the range less, and worried."

According to an unpublished study I did for a think tank, Americans buy between five and nine billion rounds of ammo a year, virtually none of which is used in crime (the shooting sports are the number 2 consumer sport in the nation, behind exercise and ahead of golf).


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