United States Concealed Carry Association offers solid resource for millions who carry concealed

Founded in 2004, the United States Concealed Carry Association fills a much needed void in the gun community by bringing together concealed carry enthusiasts from all over the country. Until its creation the landscape was dominated by organizations like the National Rifle Association or state level hunting groups. While both have a place in the gun owner community, neither type of group is a solid resource for the millions of concealed carry license holders across the United States.

Even the mainstream pro-gun magazines that are geared towards tactics aren’t specific to civilian concealed carry.

The United States Concealed Carry Association, founded by Tim Schmidt, fills that role by bringing together handgun trainers and pro-gun advocates to create a resource that covers all aspects of the concealed carry lifestyle.

If you need help picking a carry holster, a carry gun or if you need to learn proper tactics, the USCCA is likely to have a writer, or trainer, who can offer you the needed help.

There are also excellent articles on the website that cover how to help fight for gun rights and that help teach people the finer points of advocating in favor of the right to bear arms. Another benefit of membership is a magazine published eight times a year that is made up of the best articles the organization has to offer.

The magazine lays out product reviews in a truthful manner that allow readers to determine if a given gun or holster is safe to use in legal concealed carry. That makes it easier to distinguish what guns are reliable models since other gun magazines are afraid to give a bad review to products of a possible advertiser.

As years go by and the membership of USCCA grows, the influence it has on the concealed carry community grows as well. Tim Schmidt isn’t planning to create a political wing of the organization unless the membership asks for it. His choice to give trustworthy pro-gun organizations a voice in his magazine and on the website give the group a strong political voice.

That type of collaboration can be rare in the pro-gun community. But, Tim does his best to create a good working relationship for any group he sees as a benefit to the cause. He also took a chance to fill a niche in the pro-gun community and early on was at times on the brink of having the entire venture fail. That type of individual initiative is a hallmark of the pro-gun lifestyle.

If you are looking for sensationalized articles that only sing the praises of the products that are reviewed, the USCCA isn’t for you. But, if you want truthful articles and stories about the concealed carry lifestyle then check out the website, www.usconcealedcarry.com.

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