USSA/ Buckeye Firearms Association Forum a Huge Success

By Larry S. Moore

The candidate forum led by the USSA and co-sponsored by National Wild Turkey Federation Ohio State Chapter, Buckeye Firearms Association, Gander Mountain, Ohio State Trappers Association, Pheasants Forever, and Ducks Unlimited, was well attended by sportsmen from across the state. It was, in short, a huge success demonstrating the political awareness of the gun-owning sportsmen and the organizations that sponsored the event.

Tony Celebrezze, USSA Director of State Services, served as emcee for the event and welcomed all the sportsmen and women. John Hohenwarter, NRA lobbyist, addressed the group on the importance of being involved. He also thanked the legislators for the passage of Sub-HB 347.

Next, Buckeye Firearm’s Larry Moore took the podium. Moore also welcomed the sportsmen and introduced Buckeye Firearms Association as a grass-roots Ohio PAC dedicated to electing pro-gun and pro-sportsmen candidates. Moore noted that Buckeye Firearms had also worked closely with the legislators and the NRA in the passage of Sub-HB 347. However, Moore noted that the bill, as passed, is missing one important piece, the proper definition of a loaded firearm for transportation in a vehicle. Moore called on sportsmen to contact their Senators to get this restored to the legislation.

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Bill Peirce, Libertarian candidate for Governor was the first candidate to speak. He focused on the Libertarian approach to limited government, free trade, and home rule. He did note that he supports pre-emption for gun laws per HB 347.

Representative Tom Raga (Blackwell/Raga Campaign for Governor) followed. Raga noted the involvement and credited sportsmen with conservation successes. He pledged a Blackwell/Raga administration dedicated to limited government.

Senator Joy Padgett (Petro/Padgett Campaign for Governor) was the next speaker. Padgett made strong points of her outdoor family heritage and long-time NRA membership. Padgett noted she has a history of pro-Second Amendment and pro-sportsmen voting record in both the Ohio House and Senate. Padgett issued a strong warning to the audience regarding the Blackwell backed Citizens for Tax Reform’s Tax Expenditure Limitation (TEL) Amendment limits. Padgett noted that the Blackwell TEL will eliminate the Wildlife Fund and turn those dollars over to the General Revenue. Padgett strongly emphasized that she has worked and voted to protect the Wildlife Fund revenues in the past and that the Petro/Padgett campaign has a statement in writing of their position to continue to protect those funds, as well as, the integrity of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Frank Stams (Flannery/Stams Campaign for Governor) spoke next. Stams noted the enjoyment of the outdoors in Ohio and the home he and his brother share at Catawba Island. Stams promised a strong ethical administration with a focus on job and education as the cornerstones of putting Ohio on the right track.

Ted Strickland (Strickland/Fisher Campaign for Governor) completed the presentations by the statewide candidates. Strickland noted his long membership and working relationship with the NRA. He even joked that he is the only Democrat to have Wayne LaPierre come to a fund raising event in Ohio. Strickland spoke about his association with the outdoors and his rural roots. Strickland hit the gun issue hard with the sportsman while at the same time avoiding any mention of his anti-gun running mate, Lee Fisher.

In addition to the above gubernatorial candidates, other statewide, Ohio House and Senate candidates were present to meet with constituents and discuss the issues.

It was a very exciting night. The forum offered gun owners and sportsmen a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk to the candidates for office. The opportunity to talk with, and impress on the candidates the importance of our issues is rare. The hundreds of people who attended the event made the most of this opportunity. Forums such as this provide a premier opportunity to those engaged in the political process to continue the fight for our rights.

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From Left to Right: Buckeye Firearms Association Leaders Linda Walker, Jim Irvine (Chairman), Larry Moore, Jacques Jones, Joey Lee, Joe Eaton.

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