A view of the future in Ohio?

It's doubtful that many who visit this site are given to thinking about what the anti-self-defense extremists will do with all their spare time after Ohioan's constitutional right to self-defense is restored.

If the activities of a few extremists in Minnesota are any indication, they may decide to put themselves in a great deal of danger.

Minnesota is the latest state to adopt a shall-issue right-to-carry law. As with Ohio, there were extremist groups opposing the passage of this life-saving law.

One such Minnesota extremist group is actually working to put people in a great deal of danger, by offering "Carries No Gun" t-shirts for sale, and working to get businesses to post "Gun-Free Zone" signs to ban CCW licenseholders from their property.

While we believe being defenseless should be a choice (not a mandate, as it is in Ohio), the idea of advertising the fact that you are defenseless, and thereby a potential victim, is a very dangerous idea. This is one of the chief reasons why we oppose Taft's "Carjacker Protection" loophole, which would allow criminals to target vehicles with underage occupants.

They just don't get it - criminals don't care whether or not a place has been named as a gun-free zone. In fact, they much prefer their victims to be unarmed.

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