Violent victimization of Ohioans (& Senate obstruction of HB12) continues

The fight to restore the right to bear arms for self-defense has always been about two key issues:

1) Allowing citizens the right to choose not to be a victim.

2) Lowering violent crime.

Amongst the many 'Defense' Walk headlines, Ohio newspapers are filled with stories of continued victimations by criminals who could care less if concealed weapons are illegal, and who are well aware that their victims are unarmed.

Bob Taft recently said his priorities on other things besides the debate over HB12, the concealed carry reform bill. Republican Sen. Carnes says some members of his party's caucus are reluctant to commit to a veto-override, citing "party solidarity."

Click on the "Read More..." link below, and it'll be more than clear that wherever Taft and certain Republicans' priorities are, they are NOT with the defenseless victims and potential victims of our state.

No suspects yet in driveway shooting
This violent death came in a Cleveland neighborhood where "nothing ever happens". More and more such neighborhoods are being targeted by violent criminals, yet the law-abiding citizen is rendered defenseless under Ohio law.

2 Women Severely Beaten Outside Apartments

Westlake police seek reason for attack
Richard Bilski, janitor at Church on the Rise on Crocker Road, told police he was in the church parking lot that morning, taking out the trash, when a white Pontiac Sunbird carrying four men approached him.

Bilski said one man hit him with a tennis racket, and all three of the men then attacked him. He received minor injuries to his face, hands, arms and ribs.

The group drove away as the driver yelled, "This is a message for Pastor Paul," according to Bilski's police report.

Rape Sentence Thrown Out Over Bible Quote
A convicted rapist has had his 51-year prison sentence thrown out because the judge quoted the Bible during his sentencing.

Arnett was convicted of repeatedly raping the 8-year-old daughter of his fiance.

Suspect sought in fatal shooting of bar employee

Three fast-food restaurants targeted overnight

Fast-food workers shaken by robberies
'Sherry Mercurio, a Columbus police spokeswoman, said there is no reason for fast-food restaurant patrons to panic.

"You have things happen at banks, you have things happen at fast-food restaurants, you have things happen on street corners,'' she said.'

Huh? We're supposed to feel better because there is equal chance of victimization in a restaurant as on a street corner?

Dayton Daily News:
Double-shooting leaves man dead
A woman called police about 5:15 p.m. and said her estranged husband was there with a handgun and wanted to talk to her. After the officers heard the shots, the woman crawled out on the porch and was able to talk with them. They found the man in the living room.

Police: Suspect targeted elderly in Fairborn neighborhood

Man tells police he’s shot in groin after attempted robbery

Man arrested in Smithfield break-ins
James David Porco, 21, has been arrested in the break-in of 50 cars in Smithfield and Cadiz and the stealing of property worth thousands of dollars from the vehicles.

Police release sketch of rape suspect
Toledo police yesterday released a sketch of the man who grabbed a South Toledo woman from behind, dragged her around a Tiffany Square Drive apartment building, and raped her.

The 20-year-old woman was on a front porch at 43 Tiffany Square between 12:05 and 12:15 a.m. Sunday when she was grabbed in what investigators call a blitz attack. She was dragged around the building and assaulted, police said.

Man charged in 2 rapes was suspect in ’94 attack
A central Toledo man charged last week with raping two men, including a University of Toledo student, was accused of sexually assaulting a male UT student in 1994.

Armed robbers hit Point Place McDonald’s

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