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Want to defeat the gun grabbers? Register to vote!

Beto O'Rourke finally told the truth, stating what the anti-gun, anti-civil rights left has been chomping at the bit to say for years: "Hell yes, we're going to take away your AR-15!"

Eliminate the Second Amendment? Really? If they could they would! Make no mistake about it, they want them all, not just your long guns.

Where to start? It’s simple. Start with firearms they have been demonizing for years and creating menacing terms for, such as "weapons of war" and "assault weapons." Facts never matter to them, so never mind that more people will be murdered this year with hammers and other blunt objects than by the "weapons of war" that they want to take away from us.

How do we stop the gun grabbing madness that will do nothing but make us all less safe? How do we prevent being made subject to the tyranny of our own government? How do we prevent having our civil rights taken away? Only law-abiding gun-owners who are pro-civil rights and registered to vote can stop them.

The good news is it only requires pulling a switch, punching a chad, or filling in an electronic circle in the election booth on election day. Just by exercising the freedoms laid down for us by our Founders, preserved for us by our military, our civil rights leaders and activists, can the anti-gun, anti-civil rights madness be stopped.

But you cannot enter the frontline battle of the “voting booth” without first registering to vote! When I speak publicly, I never ask for a show of hands of those registered to vote. Those not registered will mostly not admit to it in front of their peers, and frankly I couldn’t handle the truth.

If all American gun owners simply turned out to vote, every right important to us would be preserved without question. If the most law-abiding segment of society would simply take a few moments out of their day, every few years to exercise their rights to vote, we as gun-owners and pro-civil rights Americans could never be defeated.

So, my fellow Americans, it’s time to commit to our battle plan. If you’re not registered to vote, register! It’s easy. Spare me your excuses, because I have heard them all before. Failing to vote is a failure of your civic duty, a duty owed not only to your fellow gun owners but to the fallen heroes who gave everything to defend your rights.

Click here to register.

If you're already registered, share this link with your like-minded friends to encourage them to register to vote.

Right now, an army of progressive anti-gun organizations are registering voters and making plans to transport people to the polls on election day. This includes Swing Left, March On, MoveOn, Indivisible, Organizing for Action, the Democratic Attorneys General Association, Flippable, the Arena, Center for Popular Democracy Action, National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Latino Victory Fund, the Progressive Turnout Project, New Founders, Mobilize America, Sister District, Wall of US, Working Families Party, Resist Bot, Stand Up America,, #VoteProChoice, United We Dream and the Collective PAC, just to name a few.

They are going door to door, making phone calls, and driving people to their boards of elections to register them to vote to make sure their progressive anti-gun, anti-civil rights supporters will be at the polls voting for candidates who are pledging to take your guns.

“Grandpa, what did you do to try to stop them from taking your guns away in the olden days of the 2020’s?"

"Grandson, I was too busy. I didn’t even take the time to register to vote."

"Grandma, what was it like to be able to carry a pistol for protection, not be afraid to go out at night, and go to the range anytime you wanted?"

"Granddaughter, I’m so sorry I didn’t even take the time to click a link to register to vote.“

How will YOU answer those questions?

Sean Maloney is a criminal defense attorney practicing in all areas of firearm-related law, a multi-discipline Certified NRA Instructor, Leader and Legal Counsel with Buckeye Firearms Association, and co-founder of Second Call Defense, a national organization that provides complete legal protection for armed self-defense.

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