WANTED: People Who Like to Attend Gun Shows

gun showDo you like guns and the camaraderie of gun shows?

Are you interested in talking about politics and politicians?

Do you have a few weekends free between now and November?

If so, here's a unique opportunity!

Buckeye Firearms Association needs to recruit several teams of volunteers to work at gun shows from now through the November elections.

Gun shows offer the highest volume, lowest cost channel for communicating with gun owners. (That’s why gun grabbers like Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady group hate them so much!)

At one gun show, Buckeye Firearms Association can communicate with thousands of like-minded voters for the same cost as a direct mailing to just 100 people.

That's why we want to create teams of 5-10 people in each section of Ohio, with each team responsible for the gun shows held in their area. This is typically no more than one per month. You and your team can split up the gun shows any way you want, so no one person will have to attend every show.

This is your opportunity to get on the front lines and do battle for gun rights in Ohio. And as a perk, you'll get into all the gun shows free of charge.

Are you the sort of person we're looking for? The ideal volunteers will be:

  • Able to set aside time on some weekends.
  • Able to sit or stand for a 4-6 hour shift.
  • Neat in appearance, well-spoken, and friendly.
  • Willing to strike up conversations with complete strangers.
  • Familiar and comfortable with gun show culture.
  • Willing to educate voters about our endorsed candidates, regardless of your personal political beliefs.
  • Willing to support our pro-gun positions and ONLY our pro-gun positions. That means you have to set aside your other concerns and focus on our issues exclusively.
  • Willing to set up and tear down our gun show booth, and perhaps ship materials (at our expense) to the next show if necessary.

This is a volunteer position, but Buckeye Firearms Association will reimburse for expenses such as parking and meals. We pay for the booth space and provide the tables, literature, and signage. All you have to do is supply the labor and enthusiasm.

Our goal is to have a presence at each gun show in Ohio held between now and November.

If you're concerned about where this country and this state is headed, and if you want to do something about it, this is your chance to make a real difference.

To volunteer, use our contact form to send a message to Ken Hanson. Be sure to choose "Gun Shows" from the drop down menu on the contact form. Provide your name, location, and phone number.

We will contact you to schedule an in-person training/evaluation session.

Help us fight for your rights!

Become a member of Buckeye Firearms Association and support our grassroots efforts to defend and advance YOUR RIGHTS!

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