Why I'm supporting Sean Maloney for NRA Board of Directors

All NRA voting members will be receiving their ballots this week for NRA Board of Directors (BOD). I’m voting for Sean Maloney.

The NRA has 76 BOD members. 25 are elected each year for a 3 year term. These are the ballots that come with your NRA magazine or separately if you don’t get a magazine. To be eligible to vote, you must have been a member for five consecutive years, or be a fully paid life member. One person is elected at the annual meetings for the 76th seat, which is only a one year term. Sean was elected to this position last year so he must be re-elected this year to stay on the BOD.

Working with Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA), BFA-PAC, and Buckeye Firearms Foundation (BFF), I have met many great people and passionate patriots. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. Most people shy away when they learn how much time we all spend on Second Amendment advocacy and the commitment we ask of our volunteers. Sean was eager for any opportunity to make a difference.

When I met Sean, he wanted to become involved with BFA. He is the only person I’ve ever met that I hesitated to bring on board because he already did so much on his own. I could not imagine how one person could spend any more time on the cause, or be more effective than he already was. I didn’t want time spent on the internal workings of a group to detract from everything he was already engaged in. He was so effective as “Sean Maloney” that I couldn’t see how one person could have more of an impact.

Was I ever wrong! In the years since, Sean has become a key leader with BFA, a co-director and vital part of FASTER Saves Lives, an NRA BOD member and started Second Call Defense. What is even more amazing is that he has not slowed down on any of the other stuff he has always done for gun owners. He’s more effective and more powerful than ever because he’s added these roles to his bio.

Rarely does a week go by that I don’t call Sean to help out a gun owner in need, or meet with a school board, or clarify a legal issue for a legislator, or help a Sheriff with an issue or… For all he has done for BFA, Sean has never been paid, and often is not even reimbursed for his real expenses. “It needed to be done and I’m honored to be able to help,” is a common statement from him.

Many an energetic person is compared to the Energizer bunny. A better comparison for Sean is a nuclear submarine. He seemingly can run continuously for 30 years without refueling, stopping briefly every 6 months to take on food and nourishment. He spends most of his time quietly helping ensure our rights are safe, but has the ability to deliver extremely effective influence anytime and anywhere it is needed.

Gun owners need a strong NRA, and the NRA needs Sean Maloney. You can vote for up to 25 people, but you don’t need to vote for that many. If you only vote for one person, vote for Sean. He’s great for the NRA, great for the cause, and is a great person.

With a presidential race and impending Supreme Court Justice nominations, gun owners will cast many important votes this year. Don’t overlook the importance of the NRA BOD.

Vote for Sean Maloney.

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