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Why Hunters and Sportsmen Should Vote Yes on Issue 1

On Aug. 8th, Ohioans will vote on Issue 1, which would raise the bar to pass an amendment to Ohio's Constitution to 60%. Sportsmen and women should absolutely Vote YES!

Here’s why:

National animal rights groups raise hundreds of millions of dollars to take away the rights of hunters, trappers, farmers, and more. Ballot issues are our greatest vulnerability for one reason — they are almost always won by the side with the most money.

Our partners with the Sportsmen’s Alliance have fought the anti-hunters for more than 40 years, including 29 different ballot issues. On 28 of the 29, the side that spent the most money won.

This puts hunters and trappers at a distinct disadvantage. Animal rights groups dump cash into ballot issues in hundred-thousand-dollar increments. Sportsmen, by contrast, are of modest means. In the past, it has taken 12-24 months to raise the millions of dollars it took to defeat the anti-hunting extremists.

The rising cost of campaigns has made matters much worse. Defeating a ballot issue that would ban hunting or trapping would take at least $6 million — an amount sportsmen are unlikely to raise.

Changing the Ohio Constitution, our state’s foundational document, should not be decided by whoever has the deepest pocket. That is why raising the bar from the current simple majority to 60% is such a good idea. It evens the playing field and protects our constitution from being overrun by big money special interests.

It makes sure that only the most important items are in our constitution. And it gives us a fighting chance to protect hunting, fishing, and trapping for future generations in Ohio.

Mark your calendar for the August 8 special election and Vote YES on Issue 1.

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Rob Sexton, Legislative Affairs Director for Buckeye Firearms Association, is a 25-year veteran of political, legislative, and ballot issue campaigns involving hunting and the shooting sports.

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