Why We Fight: Supremes protect life of cop-killer, but not law-abiding Ohioans

The following is a stunning Election-eve display of just how important the election of Evelyn Stratton and Maureen O'Connor to the high court truly is:

The Ohio Supreme Court has just thrown out the death sentence of a Zanesville man who was convicted of killing a sheriff’s deputy on a technicality.

Voting 4-3 Wednesday, the court vacated the sentence of Tony Gross, who was convicted of aggravated murder in the July 1994 death of Muskingum County Lieutenant Mike Lutz.

The court ruled that alternate jurors should not have been allowed in the deliberation room during the penalty phase of the trial. The majority found their presence tainted the sentencing hearing. The court’s ruling orders a new sentencing hearing in the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court for Gross.

Commentary by Chad D. Baus:
Meanwhile, at the hand of the very same split 4-3 court, law-abiding Ohioans are prevented from defending themselves and their families, subject to a ban on carrying concealed weapons ruled unconstitutional by a Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge and three District Court of Appeals justices.

How many Ohioans have become victims of assault, rape, murder, burglary, car-jacking, etc., while the 4-3 liberal majority on the high court holds up consideration of the Hamilton County case to defend the life of this cop killer?

Pro-CCW Ohioans MUST ACT on Election Day to end this cycle of controversial 4-3 split votes. Encourage your friends to vote Stratton and O'Connor to restore Supreme Court justice.

Read the whole story from the Ohio News Network.

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