Why would people still be opposed to concealed carry?

Why would people still be opposed to concealed carry? Many have a deep seated fear and distrust of firearms that has developed from unrepresentative sensationalism rooted in an emotional response to events, as opposed to a reasoned analysis of information. This actually is addressed by Dr. Martha McCaughey, noted feminist, sociologist, and Director of the Women's Studies Center at Virginia Tech....

"Gun control strategies must be evaluated for how adequately they serve the needs of those whose lives could be saved by the self-defensive use of a firearm, for instance battered women. Physical feminism is not just the practice of self-defense, then. It involves the reevaluation of policies, legislation, and other strategies for change with the counterdiscourse of self-defense in sight. A physical feminism adds the muscle the women's movement needs to bring rape culture to its knees" (McCaughey, p. 211, Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women's Self-Defense, New York University Press, 1997; see also Sayoko Blodgett-Ford, 1993, "Do Battered Women Have a Right to Bear Arms?", Yale Law and Policy Review 11:509-60).

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