Youth has its day at Council

February 23, 2004
Fremont News-Messenger

Concealed weapons, reckless driving in school zones and economic development were among the key issues discussed by area high school students for the city's annual Youth Government Day.

About 25 students from both Ross and St. Joe High Schools conducted a 30 minute mock-meeting following Fremont City Council's regularly scheduled meeting Thursday night. Earlier in the day the students shadowed various city officials and council members to get a feeling for what a typical day is for them.

Four issues were on the student's agenda for the evening.

The first issue, an issue that was of importance last year, was a ban on public smoking. Most students used the ban in Toledo as an example of how it could hurt businesses.

"The smoking ban takes away from a businesses rights," said Kyle Bohland, a Fremont Ross student who served as the mayor. "Not only does it infringe on their rights, but it significantly inhibits economic growth."

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After discussing reckless driving around the area high schools, the mock-council decided to approve a motion to form a school safety committee.

Another big issue, although more of a state issue, was how to deal with concealed weapons in a privately owned business. A majority of the council and administration thought it would be wise to put up signs to deter people from bringing weapons into businesses.

The fourth issue discussed was regarding economic development on the city's east side. Students offered suggestions of building everything from a roller rink to a dance club to give kids something to do on weeknights. A few students even suggested focusing on tourism as a way to bring more revenue to the city.

Commentary: the mock-mayor maintains that a smoking ban is an issue of private property rights, but then the mock-council decided to take a position encouraging private businesses to post discriminatory signs against CHL-holders. Someone might want to tell the students their ecomonic development idea to bring more tourism to Fremont might suffer if word gets out that they're encouraging businesses to make things more friendly for criminals.

Never fear - there IS hope for the next generation. OFCC's Larry Moore sent the following quick review of Ted Nugent's appearance at Ohio University last week, and promises a complete report will follow:

"Ted Nugent rocked the crowd. Based on the college kids there - America has hope for her future - perhaps better hope than the drop-outs of my generation ever provided back in the 60s and 70s. Ted was gracious with his time with me for the telephone interview, and also before/after the speech. Speaks straight and loud. I loved it!"

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