Ashland Co. CHL-holders taken hostage, Ohio newspaper style

In a move that more closely resembles the behavior of a band of terrorists than a 155-year-old news organization, the editor of the Ashland Times Gazette has announced that he has taken the privacy of 400 or more concealed handgun license (CHL)-holders hostage, and will release the information unless the Ohio General Assembly bends to his will. In a March 19 editorial, Times-Gazette editor Ted E...

Why I have a low tolerance for ''zero tolerance''

You can relax! Get outside and enjoy the first days of spring. Thanks to quick and decisive action, a second-grade menace will no longer be stalking his next victim within the halls of Columbus Public Schools, at least for a while. Thank you, zero tolerance, for removing this predator. In case you missed the original story, a Columbus second-grader last week found a handgun on his way to school...

Marion Star: Gun law means freedom to Waldo man

The Marion Star has published an interesting interview with one of the 301 Ohioans who have received a concealed handgun license in Marion County. The CHL-holder, Dwight Cimino, is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and served three tours in Vietnam. The story begins like this: When Dwight Cimino was almost 5, a drunken driver hit and killed his 21-month-old sister and left him with a scar between his...

Off-duty officer's gun lost/ stolen from Hamilton Co. courthouse

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Evendale police officer Stephen Roach reported his personal .40-caliber Glock missing at 1 p.m. Monday, 2½ hours after he left it in a fourth-floor restroom, according to a Hamilton County Sheriff's Office report. According to the report, Roach didn't immediately realize that the gun was missing. When he went back to the restroom looking for it, the gun...

''No-guns'' Lawrence Federal Savings Bank robbed at gunpoint

Submitted to by: (Jeffrey F.) The Ironton Tribune is reporting an armed robbery of a Lawrence Federal Savings and Loan in South Point, Ohio, a community of less than 5,000 in population. This is the second robbery at this bank in the past four years. "Someone made a withdrawal at the Lawrence Federal Savings Bank Thursday morning but he didn't use his checkbook. A lone gunman walked...

Police: Dayton shooting may be self defense

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that Dayton police are saying a shooting that left a 34-year-old man in critical condition could be a case of self-defense. From the story: A man walked up to a Catalpa Drive home Thursday night and began firing shots, police said. The homeowner fired back, according to a report on WHIO-TV, Channel 7. Dayton police were called to a nearby apartment complex where...

Letter to the Editor: ''No Guns'' signs say 'Welcome' to robbers

March 16, 2005 Akron Beacon Journal Two branches of FirstMerit Bank, a Dairy Mart store and the Lucky Corner bar have one thing in common: They all had "No Guns Permitted'' notices displayed, yet all four establishments were robbed by a man with a gun. More than 135 Ohio firms, including some chains, have removed such notices from their door because they realized these notices were merely a feel-...

Does YOUR place of worship have a ''security guard ministry''?

The Mansfield News Journal is reporting that Mansfield's Greater St. John Church of God in Christ has a "security guard ministry" in case of dangerous incidents, such as Saturday's Milwaukee shooting that left eight dead in a suburban hotel worship service. Rev. Walter Jordan II told the newspaper Greater St. John formed the security guard ministry after a woman entered the church and tried to...


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