Out-of-state companies mislead Ohio businesses to peddle ''no-guns'' signs

Buckeye Firearms Association has learned that several workplace signage companies, based in states with severe gun control laws, are attempting to profit from fraudulently misleading business-owners in Ohio into believing there is a legal requirement to post "no-guns" signs. While each company words their "Compliance Warnings" a bit differently, the premise of each is similar to that of g.Neil,...

Public ID scare worries HIV positive; Does OH media see a "public interest"?

The Palm Beach (FL) Post is reporting that three law enforcement agencies have launched a criminal investigation to find out who is sending letters threatening the privacy of the 4,500 AIDS patients and 2,000 people who are HIV-positive in Palm Beach County. From the story: One of the recipients of a letter postmarked March 8 told The Palm Beach Post Tuesday, "I'm very upset about this. I've been...

Toledo gun control laws provide criminals a target-rich environment

The Toledo Blade is reporting that a North Toledo man was arrested yesterday less than 12 hours after police said he forced a South Toledo woman into his car and sexually assaulted her in his home, then dropped her off on the south side. From the story: Lee Arthur Bean, 49, of 233 Palmer St. was charged with one count each of rape and kidnapping. He was booked into the Lucas County jail pending...

Letters to the Editor: Number of applicants does not negate carry law

Several Dayton Daily News readers have responded to a narrow-minded, uninformed rant from DDN columnist Martin Gottlieb, in which he attempted to make the case that because about 1% of eligible Ohioans have obtained licenses in the first nine months, that support for Right to Carry laws are a "narrow interest". In each case, the writers prove to have far more of an understanding than this...

Two dead, one critical after shooting in New Lexington

The Zanesville Times Recorder is reporting that a shooting just across the street from the Perry County Sheriff’s Office late Tuesday night left two men dead and sent a critically wounded 30-year-old woman to a Columbus hospital. align="right"> From the story: New Lexington Chief of Police Jeffrey Newlon said the two men – 35-year-old Wesley B. Walker of New Lexington and 28-year-old Brett...

Newsflash?: There have not been problems with concealed carry in Ohio

In a April 2003 Columbus Dispatch op-ed , Dr. John R. Lott, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, said as follows: "A year after the right-to-carry law is enacted, Ohioans will wonder what all the fuss was about. Claims that Ohioans' safety is endangered will lose credibility once people see that criminals, not law-abiding citizens, have the most to fear from Ohioans' increased...

Editorials: No problems (AND NO FIXES!) for OhioCCW

After a quick concession from the Hamilton Journal-News , which admits "we believe Ohio’s concealed-weapons law has worked well in its first nine months — especially here in Butler County," the newspaper immediately turns its editorial focus on what (but not why) not to improve in Ohio’s CCW law. While proponents of the new law are happy with the numbers coming out of Butler, Clermont and...

Change: Plain Dealer doesn't waste paper space on CHL list

Have editors at the Cleveland Plain Dealer finally realized its readers are not interested in seeing the names of Concealed Handgun License (CHL)-holders from Northeast Ohio printed in their newspaper? Have they finally realized that there is nothing to fear from fellow citizens who have broken no laws, violated no other persons' rights, and who simply wish to exercise their constitutional right...


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