WRONG: Findlay paper asserts demand for CHLs low in area

The Findlay Courier published a story stating that residents from Hancock and surrounding counties “haven't exactly rushed to arm themselves” under Ohio's concealed handgun license la, and claiming that “in other counties around the state, the gun permits are more popular.” But an analysis of the data from the 8 counties mentioned by the Findlay Courier proves otherwise. Click on the “Read More...

Wounded wife calls for changes in way bail set for domestic abuse

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Amy Rezos, whose husband tried three times to kill her, including once from prison and once while out on bail, told Ohio lawmakers Wednesday, they should make it tougher for domestic-violence suspects to get out of jail on bond and prevent them from attacking their victims. Known as Amy’s law, the bill would ensure that suspects charged in domestic-...

Columbus teen watches robber shoot her dad to death

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that a man’s three children, aged 15, 8 and 4, were witnesses to their father being shot in the back of the head in a brutal robbery outside their Columbus apartment. From the story: The family returned from a shopping trip about 9 p.m. Tuesday and parked beside their East Side apartment building. The gunman approached as Madero stepped from the van. Madero’s...

Op-Ed: Good Samaritan Gun Use

March 3, 2005 FOXNews.com By John Lott, Jr. A multiple victim public shooting last week outside the court house in Tyler, Texas, stemming from a custody dispute, resulted in the murder of two people and the wounding of four others. Killings like this frequently make the news, and this story was carried by all the television networks and most major newspapers. ABC and NBC evening news coverage was...

The Wicked Witch of the Ohio Media is Melting

by Chad D. Baus In late 2004, after a ten year debate on concealed carry reform in Ohio, the Ohio Newspaper Association (ONA) succeeded in getting a poison pill inserted into Ohio's concealed carry legislation on the eve of passage. Despite warnings not to abuse the privilege they had won, the ONA advised members to collect entire lists of CHL holders, as if they belonged on a registry like sex...

More Ohio newspapers analyze 2004 OhioCCW data

Two more of Ohio’s newspapers have published stories on the recent release of CHL data from 2004. Both newspapers focused significant attention on Clermont County, where more licenses were issued than anywhere else in the state. From the Columbus Dispatch : While Ohio became the 45th state to allow residents to carry hidden guns, the Buckeye State is "ahead of the game in terms of licenses issued...

Sportsmen ask Division of Wildlife to allow concealed carry

By Larry S. Moore Cambridge Ohio - At the recent League of Ohio Sportsmen 97th annual convention held at Salt Fork State Lodge near Cambridge, the sportsmen delegates overwhelming adopted a resolution dealing with concealed carry. That resolution, number 05-02, concludes, "Resolved, That the League of Ohio Sportsmen requests that the Ohio Division of Wildlife review and update the hunting...

Violent crime UP in Toledo last year

Behind a headline shouting that “Crime rate falls considerably in city for 3rd straight year”, the Toledo Blade revealed that violent crimes - murder, manslaughter, robbery, aggravated assault, and rape - rose 3 percent, from 3,184 in 2003 to 3,276 last year. The story says Toledo's crime totals could not be compared to statistics in other Ohio cities because not all of the cities have compiled...


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