Op-Ed: If he can't carry a gun, who can?

If the Minnesota Court of Appeals is having trouble deciding the fate of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act, they should consider the story of Matthew Dirks. The 23-year-old East Side native served 15 months with the Army in Iraq at Baghdad International Airport and Camp Dogwood. Last week, St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington denied him a carry permit. Dirks' primary job in Iraq was...

Children with guns: the answer is Education

by Chad D. Baus Two recent incidents (in Columbus and Dayton ) of children misusing firearms have people asking questions. Shouldn't the law mandate that guns be locked up in homes where children live? Shouldn't we just outlaw guns so they can never be left lying around by irresponsible adults? Since the host of existing gun control laws that made what these children did illegal did nothing to...

Woman confronted at her workplace by armed, estranged husband

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that Police arrested a Leetonia man on charges of kidnapping and carrying a concealed weapon Monday morning after he allegedly confronted his estranged wife as she was arriving for work in Cuyahoga Falls. There were no serious injuries, but responding officers used a Taser to shock the man and take him into custody after he fled the scene, Cuyahoga Falls...

New York jeweler saves own life with gun

The Associated Press is reporting that a New York jeweler was back at work yesterday, one day after he managed to draw his own gun and shoot a robber who was aiming a revolver at his head. Barry Fixler told reporters he feels he did what he had to. "I'd be dead," he said in a phone interview. "My life was going to be over. That's what I thought about." Detective Lt. Charles Delo of the Clarkstown...

''Near riot'' at ''no-guns'' Dayton RTA hub

The WDTN-TV Dayton is reporting that police were called to control a crowd at a busy intersection downtown. When they arrived, the story says, a brawl had broken out at the downtown RTA Hub, and police faced an out of control mob at the scene. From the story: Witnesses say it looked like a near riot. They say it started when two guys started fighting while getting on an RTA bus. Soon everyone at...

Police seeking leads in gun theft, burglary

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that police are seeking tips in finding whoever was involved in burglarizing a Chamberlain Road home and stealing firearms last week. A police investigator told the newspaper that eight rifles and shotguns and one handgun were stolen from the home between 7:30 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Friday. According to the paper, the owner told police his garage door was open...

Crime in City of Mansfield down in 2004

The Mansfield News Journal is reporting that according to 2004 statistics, overall crime was down 2.1 percent in the city of Mansfield. "We attribute that to a lot more people getting more involved in their own neighborhood," said Mansfield police Chief Phil Messer. While Messer was specifically referring to new neighborhood watch programs, it should also be noted that in the first 180 days of...

2nd Amendment among Betty’s website ''keywords'', but content nonexistent

By Chad D. Baus As gubernatorial-hopefuls jostle for position in preparation for what could be a bruising 2006 primary season in both parties, pro-gun Ohioans have begun to take note of who among the candidates have a record of true support for self-defense rights, and which of them may be more likely only to pay lip-service to support for the Second Amendment, as a means of getting votes. As the...


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