Op-Ed writers too optimistic?: ''The last nail in gun control''

As you read this commentary, there are several things to keep in mind: Nothing in the past has stopped people like John Kerry from reversing course on "firmly held" positions when it was deemed politically necessary. Furthermore, there are already signs U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is bucking his moderate reputation in order to please the fringe left of his party. Bearing...

VICTIM ZONE: Thief cuts man, 79, during assault in hospital garage

The Toledo Blade is reporting that a thief followed a West Toledo couple to their car in the St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center parking garage, brandished a knife, and cut the husband's hand yesterday while reaching for the wife's purse. What the Blade did NOT report is that St. Vincent's affirmatively disarms its customers by posting "no-guns" signs. The husband, 79, was treated for the wound to...

Coshocton man suffers cuts in street attack

The Cosochton Tribune is reporting a 19-year-old man suffered cuts on his face and a stab wound to his leg during a street robbery Tuesday night. According to the story, the victim told sheriff's deputies he was attacked by two men as he walked toward a friend's house along the railroad tracks in the 400 block of South Fifth Street shortly after 9 p.m. "Apparently, one had a knife and cut his...

Resnick takes ''full responsibility'' for DUI arrest; pleads ''not-guilty''

Media outlets across the state are reporting that Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick has released a six-sentence statement, marking her first public comment since being arrested Monday and charged with driving under the influence. The short statement says volumes. Resnick, who has plead 'not-guilty' to the charges , claims she will "accept full responsibility for my actions." The 65-...

Sarasota Co.: Crime down, paper credits armed citizens

February 2, 2005 Venice (FL) Gondolier Sun Violent and nonviolent crime was down in Sarasota County in 2004. Many law enforcement officials agree -- and the numbers show -- there is a direct relationship between an armed citizenry and reduced crime. Since adopting concealed weapons permits in 1987, Florida's homicide rate has fallen 21 percent while the U.S. rate has risen 12 percent. From Oct. 1...

Police: Justice Resnick drove away from officers, may face more charges

The Toledo Blade is reporting that when first pulled over by Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers in Wood County, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick defied an order and drove away from police. Having received six cell phone calls from motorists alerting them to a vehicle weaving across lanes on I-75, the Blade reports a Bowling Green officer and then a highway patrolman approached the...

Op-Ed: High Caliber Advocacy

How the NRA won the fight over gun rights by John J. Miller February 14, 2005 National Review Online “When I was growing up in Tennessee, we had a saying for something that was so outrageous nobody could believe it: ‘That dog don’t hunt,’” says Chris Cox, the chief lobbyist of the National Rifle Association. The old phrase came back to him a couple of years ago, as Cox was plotting the NRA’s...

Sole Democrat on Ohio Supreme Court Arrested for DUI

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the sole remaining Democrat on the state Supreme Court was arrested for driving under the influence Monday afternoon in Wood County. OSHP Lt. Rick Zwayer told the Dispatch that Justice Resnick, 65, of Toledo, was pulled over near Rt. 6 south of Bowling Green, where she failed field sobriety tests. According to the Dispatch, the 2:02 p.m. arrest by the State...


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