Letter to the Editor: Resnick's run-in raises questions

February 7, 2005 Toledo Blade I was born on a Wednesday, but not last Wednesday. I may be a little naive, but not that naive. After reading the account of Justice Alice Resnick's run-in with the law, I cannot believe the back-tracking of Bowling Green city prosecutor Matt Reger. I ask all law-abiding citizens of Ohio: What if it had been you approached at the BP gas station and you gave your...

Police say criminals casing Fremont homes as prep for burglaries

Time and again, when told that publishing lists of gun owners (CHL-holders) would provide criminals lists of homes from which to steal guns, or would let potential attackers know who isn't able to defend themselves, the media responded by saying that criminals just weren't smart enough to utilize the newspaper to premeditate their crimes or select their targets. The Akron Beacon Journal has...

Gary Nasal's 8 mo. "investigation" yields no indictment of Sheriff O'Leary

by Chad D. Baus “Quis custodet ipsos custodes?”, Juvenal Who will guard the guards themselves? That is the question many Ohioans are likely to be asking themselves in the wake of two current events in Ohio. Last week, Democrat Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick was arrested in Wood County for driving with a blood alcohol content 2 ½ times the legal limit. It was later revealed that despite...

New video proves Resnick lied to police officers in initial stops

As can be seen in the first three traffic stop videos released by law enforcement, anti-CCW Ohio State Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick repeatedly denied having consumed alcohol or taken medication when first approached by police at a gas station in Bowling Green and later when pulled over on I-75 South near Cygnet in Wood County. However, the Toledo Blade is now reporting that law, just...

Elderly female customer robbed outside Fifth Third bank

The Brown County People's Defender is reporting that on Feb. 1, at approximately 1:30 p.m., an elderly woman carrying a moneybag from the Fifth Third Bank in Peebles was assaulted and the moneybag stolen. The thief was described in the newspaper as a tall, thin man with black hair, facial stubble, wearing a navy blue, nylon hooded jacket with white pin stripes down the sleeve, tan jeans and white...

In wake of actress' murder, CNN offers mugger safety tips

In response to the shooting of off-broadway acctress Nicole duFresne by Manhattan mugger last week, CNN.com has published tips on "How to survive a mugging". The story is based on a press release by the Washington-based National Crime Prevention Council, which is now circulating a list of tips on how to survive a mugging. "It demonstrates that confronting an attacker is probably the worst thing...

Fear of home invasions in Richland Co. ''has people here scared''

The Mansfield News Journal has published an update on progress concerning the investigation of a spate of home invastions in Richland County. Once victim, Eunice Wilburn, told the News Journal she lives in fear after being victimized in a recent home invasion. align="right"> "I'm scared every time someone pulls in the driveway," the 57-year-old Washington Township woman told the newspaper. "It...

Resnick avoids charges of ''fleeing''; will change not-guilty plea Monday

When are multiple 911 calls reporting erratic driving not "reasonable suspicion"? When is a police officer saying "you are not free to go yet" not a lawful order for you to stop? Perhaps when your name is Alice Robie Resnick, and you are an Democrat Ohio State Supreme Court Justice. Matthew Reger, Bowling Green's city prosecutor, announced yesterday that Justice Resnick will not face any...


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