Skyline Chili fears criminals might use DNPWA list?

The following letter was sent to OFCC by an HR Director for Cincinnati-based Skyline Chili. After giving the company an appropriate amount of time to respond to our follow-up (they didn’t), we are now posting this exchange here, for the benefit of our readers. Subject: Do Not Patronize List From: Shari A. Bleuer Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 Dear Ohioans for Concealed Carry Public Relations team,...

Technical-speak weapons primer for writers

By Charles K. Bush Feb. 27, 2005 As a writer and avid reader for at least 50 years, I am continually chagrined by the lack of knowledge in certain areas by many writers. Several best-selling novelists--all of whose works I enjoy very much--sometimes make blatant errors in a variety of fields. This I attribute to the writer first; then to his/her agent; then to the publishers' readers...then back...

Plain Dealer Editorial: ''Gunning for secrecy''

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has published an unsigned editorial criticizing a move this week in the Statehouse to close the Media Access Loophole. From the editorial: This attempt speaks volumes about Ohio's lawmakers and their skewed priorities. It's not enough that, while Ohio's economy continued to slide, the General Assembly spent nearly a decade debating the issue of guns. Now, legislative...

Gun-rights advocates dominate Columbus assault weapons hearing

Columbus police officer Mark J. Johnson, who was first on the scene in a recent shooting involving a criminal with a semi-automatic AK-47, testified Thursday at a Columbus City Council hearing that he is opposed to a ban on such firearms. From the Columbus Dispatch : A ban wouldn’t have prevented the incident, he said at a hearing last night on assault weapons. Criminals will continue to get...

AZ: Gun bill approved by Senate

The Arizona Republic is reporting that under a bill that passed Thursday in the state Senate, carrying your loaded gun into a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol would be legal - as long as CHL-holder doesn't drink. "There are already guns in bars and restaurants now, but they are brought in by the criminals," Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu, who supported Senate Bill 1363, to the newspaper. "If...

Op-Ed: The Felon Vote

March 1, 2005 New York Post By John R. Lott Jr. & James K. Glassman In the wake of their election defeat, Democrats have promised to mend their ways by emphasizing moral values. So, in their first major legislative initiative of the year, what are the party's two top senators offering? A bill to guarantee that millions of convicted murderers, rapists and armed robbers can vote. This week,...

''An Evening With Jim Petro'' and the OSU College Republicans

In a March 3 op-ed in The (OSU) Sentinel , John Herrington describes a recent exchange with state Attorney General and gubernatorial-hopeful Jim Petro on several concealed carry issues. From the story: Jim Petro, Ohio’s Attorney General, spoke to the College Republicans Wednesday night to a crowd of about 50 or so. A couple of dedicated Columbus Townhallers sat in the back to keep an eye on...

WRONG: Findlay paper asserts demand for CHLs low in area

The Findlay Courier published a story stating that residents from Hancock and surrounding counties “haven't exactly rushed to arm themselves” under Ohio's concealed handgun license la, and claiming that “in other counties around the state, the gun permits are more popular.” But an analysis of the data from the 8 counties mentioned by the Findlay Courier proves otherwise. Click on the “Read More...


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