1992: A Massacre We Didn't Hear About

by J. Neil Schulman The following article appeared in the January 1, 1992 Los Angeles Times. This is the story you saw on the evening news: At lunch hour on Wednesday, Oct. 16, George Jo Hennard of Belton, Tex. smashed his Ford pickup through the plate glass doors of Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, injuring some patrons immediately. While other patrons rushed toward the truck believing the driver...

Welcome to life in a ''gun-free'' society

According to a story in The Courier Mail of Queensland, a United Nations-sponsored survey found that "Australia has the worst prevalence of crime among 17 industrialised countries." From the story: Federal Government statistics show increases in crimes against people, rather than property. "That's the basic picture in Australia at the moment – we're getting more violent," said Dr Tim Prenzler,...

Op-Ed: The Klan's Favorite Law

Gun control in the postwar South by Dave Kopel If you believe everything that Michael Moore says in Bowling for Columbine and his books, then you would think that "pro-gun" people are white racists, and that "gun control" would be a wonderful way to help minorities. But a look at America's past reveals what historian Clayton Cramer has accurately called "The Racist Roots of Gun Control." After...

AL: More women packing heat because of serial rapist

NBC 15 (Mobile, Alabama) is reporting that with news of a serial rapist on the loose, an increasing number of women are training for and receiving concealed carry permits. Business, especially gun sales, has picked up since police announced a serial rapist on the attack in West Mobile. In the past week or so, the report says as many as seven women have bought guns at the Mobile Shooting Center. "...

Arizona lawmakers again debating guns in bars, restaurants

KPHO Phoenix is reporting that Arizona legislators are again weighing whether to allow people to take guns in bars and restaurants if the bearers aren't drinking alcohol and if the establishments don't opt out. Under a bill endorsed this week by the Senate Judiciary Committee, people could carry weapons in bars and restaurant but only in those establishments which didn't post notices prohibiting...

Editorial: Education alone will not deter crime

February 16, 2005 The (Ohio University) Post Online By Curt Winzenreid In response to Stephen Mette's letter in the February 15th edition of The Post titled "People need education, not weapons," exactly what type of education did Mette have in mind? For the recorded history of man, we have tried to "teach" members of society that murder and theft are wrong, yet they still happen every day in...

OFCC proud to have member serving country in Iraq

OFCC Member and Department of Defense contractor Anthony Walls has sent a greeting to us here at OFCC, and agreed to allow us to share it with all of you. Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 18:49:38 +0300 From: Anthony Walls Subject: RE: Donation To Chad and everyone else at OFCC: I'm stationed at LSA Anaconda in Balad, Iraq. Well actually just outside Balad. It is approximately 68 clicks north of Baghdad. I...

Cleveland DJ attacked while getting gas

WKYC.com (NBC Cleveland) is reporting that Cleveland DJ Brian Figula, known as “Fig” on Q104, was “assaulted and robbed” at a gas station at 150th and I-71 Monday evening. From the story: His car was low on fuel, so he stopped at a gas station late Monday night. Minutes later, his life was in danger… Fig was at pump 2 when he noticed a man on the phone. Soon afterward, that man attacked him. “He...


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