Bill seeks to protect firearms industry from suits

February 19, 2005 Washington Times Congress is again attempting to shield the firearms industry from civil liability lawsuits filed by third parties seeking damages for the criminal use of a gun. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act is likely to pass the House much the same way it did when first introduced in 2003, on a bipartisan vote of 285-to-140. The bill never made it out of the...

Op-Ed: Why Do Criminals Break The Law?

Larry Pratt, executive director of the Virginia-based Gun Owners of America, has published an excellent opinion editorial at Following are the opening paragraphs: Criminals are as much a victim as those they have victimized, right? After all, they do what they do because of poverty, or bad parenting, or lousy peers, mental illness or the availability of a gun, right? Well, no, says...

FL: Bill would relax rules on self-defense

The St. Petersburg (FL) Times is reporting that some Florida legislators want to give people the right to shoot an attacker in a public place. It would be a dramatic departure from current law, notes the newspaper, but supporters say people should be able to defend themselves without fear of being sued or charged with a crime. Click on the "Read More..." link below for more. From the story:...

Victims sue businesses for lack of security

Ohio businesses who chose to deny CHL-holders their Constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense would do well to keep in mind the growing number of victims' families who are deciding that the responsibility for security rests on the business. If Ohio businesses won't allow Ohioans their right to defend themselves, who else but the business should be held responsible? WRONGFUL DEATH: Suit...

Book: ''Taking down outlaws''

February 21, 2005 Washington Times In Hollywood, outlaws are either gunned down by lawmen, like Gary Cooper's character in "High Noon," or are portrayed as anti-heroes, like Robert Redford and Paul Newman's characters in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." But in the real world, the bad guys are truly wicked, say brothers John and Robert Waters, and the sheriff isn't always around to stop them...

Op-Ed: Guns and kids

February 22, 2005 The Black Hills (SD) Pioneer By Dan Carlson The rifle sat firmly in place on the bench rest last Saturday. A small group gathered behind the rifleman as his cheek rested in the stock and his keen eye peered through the scope. "It needs to move a little that way," he said gesturing a thumb to the left. An adjustment was made and he announced that the sight picture was good. He...

TX: Bill Protects Privacy of Right-to-Carry Permit Holders

Dallas-Ft. Worth's is reporting that a bill that would protect the identities of Texans who carry concealed handguns easily passed the House Law Enforcement Committee on last week. According to the story, the bill would block requests from the public to learn whether an individual has a concealed-gun license. Law enforcement officials would still be able to access the records. From the...

NRA bashes U.N. on small-arms reduction

The Washington Post is reporting that Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association of America, used the Conservative Political Actions Conference as a forum to harshly criticize U.N. efforts to reduce the amount of small arms in the hand of civilians. According to the Post, LaPierre accused the United Nations of denying U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. His...


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