State-mandated victim zone: Woman stabbed at UT (CBS Toledo) is reporting that a 22-year-old woman says she was walking on campus near the Health and Human Services Building at the University of Toledo when two men reportedly dragged her behind some shrubbery during broad daylight. The victim struggled and was stabbed in the left thigh with a knife during what police say may have been a robbery attempt. Police told WTOL she then ran...

Gun battle suspects arrested at ''no-guns'' Good Samaritan Hospital (NBC Dayton) is reporting that "a gun battle spilled over into [the]...parking lot" of the 'no-guns' Good Samaritan hospital Tuesday. According to the story, the shootout began on McCleary Avenue in Dayton, where one man was hit several times. From the story: When an ambulance raced him to the hospital, detectives say his friends and enemies followed. The two groups exchanged words, and...

Cleveland police warn serial rapist on the loose

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that police have announced a serial rapist has preyed on at least seven Cleveland women since 1996 and that it's impossible to say whether, when or where he will strike again. From the story: Calling the predator "unpredictable," Cleveland Police Chief Edward Lohn said: "I think it's important the community know this individual is out there." But warning...

Shell station manager removes ''no-guns'' signs

Date: 4 Mar 2005 From: Scott Subject: RE: Posting of signs To: OFCC CCW Discussion List Had a discussion with a nice chap who owns a Shell station down here in the Columbus area--he had a "GhostBusters" [gun w/ circle-slash] sign up that had "fine print" to the effect that "Unlawful Carry" was prohibited. The sign came in a package with other stuff (Min. Wage, Workman's Comp., etc. from Shell, I...

Op-Ed: Cutting the red tape in concealed-carry law

March 7, 2005 Toledo Blade By James Drew Columbus Bureau Chief When the Ohio attorney general's office released a report last week on how many law-abiding citizens have received licenses to carry concealed handguns, Toby Hoover had a question. "Are we ever going to stop talking about this?" asked Ms. Hoover, executive director of the Toledo-based Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. The answer,...

Media continues writhing in agony over proposal to close loophole

As reported last week, Rep. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) has proposed that House Bill 9, a piece of legislation which addresses public access to government records and which is endorsed by the Ohio Newspaper Association (ONA), be amended to close the Media Access Loophole , a provision which allows the media to access lists of concealed handgun license (CHL)-holders. Hearings are now being held in a...

''No-guns'' Sparkle Market employee beaten, robbed of night deposit

Several OFCC supporters have contacted us about an assault and robbery that occurred last evening as an employee of a "no-guns" grocery walked across the street to make a deposit at a nearby bank*. From one news submission: A Sparkle Market worker in Cornersburg (Youngstown), has become the victim of his own employer's policy. At approx. 9:30 pm on Monday, March 7, a Sparkle worker...

Elderly paper carrier for ''no-guns'' Toledo Blade savagely beaten

Just months after a Toledo Blade news carrier was raped while doing her paper route, (Toledo's CBS affiliate, News 11) is reporting that an elderly Toledo Blade paper carrier was savagely beaten in an attempted robbery last Friday morning. The Blade didn't cover the news of this employee's victimization on its website, just as it did not cover news that two of the paper's night employees...


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