“Hero” police officer learns important lesson about CCW

Cincinnati’s WDTN.com is reporting that as Butler Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Roberts struggles to recover from gunshot wound he received during a pursuit of two violent robbers armed with a 12 gauge shotgun, circumstances for an off-duty police officer who witnessed the entire event are going much differently.

Camden police chief Mike Croucher is being called a hero after witnessing an armed robbery, following the suspects in his private automobile, and radioing ahead to warn Butler County Sheriff’s deputies this week.

From the story:

    A hero is given a surprise reward. Wednesday, Mike Croucher was acting police chief.

    Now, he's Camden's newest full-fledged chief.

    He got the promotion on Thursday, just one day after witnessing a robbery at a B.P. in Camden.

    Croucher was off duty and was not armed.

    Still, he got in his car, notified a dispatcher and followed the suspects down to Butler County.

    That's where the suspects allegedly shot a Deputy Brandon Roberts, and stole his cruiser.

    Croucher radioed for help.

Without a firearm, this off-duty police officer was rendered as incapable of offering adequate assistance in this emergency as any other defenseless citizen. This is a very hard way to learn the lesson that it is irresponsible to carry a firearm only when expecting trouble.

While explaining the promotion, Mayor Mary Melton told WDTN that "after yesterday, I said to call him acting chief is a slap in the face. We need to change that, and so that's what we did."

Croucher is quoted as saying "it's just a big shock. It's really a surprise. I wasn't expecting this. I've got other things on my mind. Butler County's got one of their deputies lying over there."


Again, from the story:

    Chief Croucher says his only regret was not having his gun with him at the time.

    He says he wasn't used to carrying a weapon when off duty, and going out of town.

    But, he says he will in the future.

    He just hopes Deputy Roberts continues to recover at Miami Valley Hospital.

Hindsight is always clearer, and we would never presume to predict how this tragedy might have turned out had Croucher been armed. However, we hope that Croucher’s poor choice will serve as a lesson to other off-duty police officers, to the various departments that refuse to allow their officers the ability to carry when off-duty, and of course to Ohio citizens in general.

Since the new concealed carry law went into effect an estimated 50,000 people have applied for and received the licenses because they already understand the principle Chief Croucher just learned - "you never know".

Click on the “Read More…” link below for some other examples of why those most at risk should apply for and carry a concealed handgun just for the simple reason..."you never know when an attack might occur".

If you buy house insurance in case of a fire, car insurance in case of a crash, and life insurance in case of a death, then why not obtain a different kind of life insurance as well? Investing time and money to obtain an Ohio CHL to purchase is the insurance that may one day keep you alive...

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