75 year-old Ohio CHL-holder shoots armed teen during attempted robbery

Columbus' 10TV.com is reporting that a 75 year-old man who was walking his dog used a firearm in self-defense when an armed teen tried to rob him.

From the story:

The shooting occurred Monday morning while Richard Maiden was taking his dog for a walk.

Maiden said a teenager approached him and asked questions about his companion, Vinny.

"He asked me what kind of dog it was and I told him," Maiden said. "And about that time he pulled the gun, put it in my face."

Maiden said he handed over his wallet when the robber demanded, but he also pulled out his own gun.

"I told him to stop," Maiden said. "He didn't stop, so he pointed the gun at me and I commenced firing."

According to the story, the wounded teenager took off running, making it about a half-mile to a friend's yard where he collapsed. The friend found him and called police, who arrived and recovered a gun and Maiden's wallet.

Maiden, who is a retired liquor control agent, said he hopes the teenager recovers from his wounds, but he said he had no regrets about his actions.

"The next person he robs he might shoot," Maiden said. "So maybe this'll give him a little message."

Police identified the alleged robber as Keith Walker, Jr., 18, McEntyre reported.

He was in critical condition Monday night at Grant Medical Center.

The neighbor who found Walker in the yard has been charged with tampering with evidence after police say he allegedly helped Walker hide the wallet and gun from police, McEntyre reported.

Police said they do not expect to file charges against Maiden.

UPDATE: According to the Columbus Local News, the intended victim was licensed by both the state of Ohio and Florida to carry a concealed handgun.

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