Barack Obama's Chief of Staff is Sarah Brady's "go-to guy" - a "good friend" of gun control

Judging by our email in box, there are at least a few gun owners who refused to believe the warnings Second Amendment defenders like the National Rifle Association and Buckeye Firearms Association offered about what a Barack Obama administration would mean for gun control.

If they didn't believe the evidence provided by his record, and didn't believe an organization with a 137 year record of support for gun rights, maybe they'll believe a woman with a 23 year history of support for the most radical gun control efforts in our nation's history.

In a letter to supporters, Sarah Brady praises Obama's choice for Chief of Staff, and calls the NRA F-rated Rahm Emanuel a "good friend" of gun control who served as her "go-to guy" in the White House during efforts to pass the Clinton Gun Ban.

Rahm Emanuel, Good Friend of Common Sense Gun Laws
New Chief of Staff for the Obama White House Helped Pass Brady Bill

I was so excited when I heard that Rahm Emanuel was going to be the Chief of Staff in the Obama White House.

Jim and I know Rahm from when we worked closely with him to pass the Brady bill.

As our "go to" guy, we saw a man with integrity and dedication, who cared deeply about the cop on the street and those who were victims of gun violence.

We honored Rahm with the Sarah Brady Visionary Award in 2007 in Washington, D.C. Click here to listen to Rahm's inspiring words.

You can see that he has consistently and vocally supported strengthening Brady criminal background checks, banning military-style assault weapons, strengthening law enforcement, and closing the "Terror Gap."

We look ahead with great optimism. I know that as we move ahead, I can count on your ongoing support.

It’s incredibly inspiring to have people like you and like Rahm Emanuel standing with us, who believe we can pass sensible gun laws to keep dangerous guns out of the hands of dangerous people to protect you, your family, and your community.

We don’t want to waste a moment in moving ahead with our life-saving work. Please give a generous gift today to the Brady Campaign. Thank you.

Sarah Brady, Chair

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