Big (dangerous) Boy: Frisch's Inc. reaffirms plans to post discriminatory signs

UPDATE: Frisch's Inc. signs coming down!

Ohioans For Concealed Carry first brought word of a new interstate policy discriminating against CHL-holders at Frisch's Inc. on March 1.

This particular ban is one of the most baffling we've seen, since Frisch's Inc. has allowed patrons of Golden Corral, Frisch's and Big Boy in states such as Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee to bear arms for self-protection in their restaurants for years.

On March 4th, Frisch's began distributing a letter to concerned patrons from President & CEO Craig F. Maier. This letter moved the story from baffling to insulting.

In it, Maier states Frisch's Inc. is now taking the official position that "your personal safety is not being compromised by our prohibition of concealed weapons in our restaurants." Maier goes on to state that Frisch's management "prefer that the only people in our restaurants with weapons are police officers."

Does Mr. Maier honestly think that criminals who come to rob Frisch's stores or to harm it's patrons will care about his "preference"?

Publication of Maier's letter spawned another round of calls and letters from customers, but apparently Frisch's still intends to post their discriminatory signs beginning April 8, 2004. The following letter is the latest communication from Frisch's on the subject:

Dear [Customer]:

Thank you for your interest in our restaurant. Mr. Maier's letter clearly reflects the stance that Frisch's has taken on the Concealed Carry issue.

Thanks again for your interest in Frisch's.



Mike Cigolotti
Marketing Department
2800 Gilbert Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45206


If you want to make
your voice heard, visit

And of course, when the signs go up, you can always express yourself with your ''No Guns-No Money'' Cards, and with your dollars. There will always be restaurants nearby which respect the rights (and responsibility) of their customers.

There are no credible studies that show increased dangers to businesses because of concealed carry, yet many prove the benefits.

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