Buckeye Firearms Assoc. endorses Statewide Candidates

Buckeye Firearms Association is proud to announce endorsements in four Statewide races for this fall.

Marc Dann (D) earns the endorsement for Attorney General. The Attorney General is the state’s top attorney. This person is key to firearms issues in general, and concealed carry in particular. He is responsible to determine what states Ohio will enter into a reciprocity agreement with, thus determining how many states your Ohio CHL is valid in. He also prepares the pamphlets required for all CHL classes. Currently the Attorney General is involved in many pending court cases that can have a dramatic effect on the laws that effect day to day legality of all gun owners. Jim Petro (R) has done an excellent job for gun owners, and we need elect Marc Dann to keep that office friendly to gun owners. Jim Irvine said, “If it were not for Marc Dann’s leadership in the Senate, we might still be discussing how to pass concealed carry instead of discussing making improvements. We need to elect Dann.”

Greg Hartmann (R) earns the endorsement for Secretary of State. Secretary of State oversees all election and campaign finance for the state, as well as granting authority to do business in Ohio. Hartmann is a shooter who understands that Ohio has fallen behind the times on a myriad of firearms laws.

Sandy O'Brien
(R) earns the endorsement for Treasurer of the State.
She did a great service to gun owners and sportsmen by defeating the anti-gun incumbent in the April primary. Evan an office that gets little attention needs to have good people. O’Brien understands hunting and the importance of firearms to the quality of life many people enjoy throughout Ohio. She will bring support for our cause to an office that is currently anti-gun.

target="_blank">Mary Taylor (R) earns the endorsement for Auditor of the State.
In the legislature Mary Taylor has voted for every good piece of firearms legislation to come before her, and she has worked behind the scenes to help move important legislation. Taylor’s opponent has voted against your right to defend your life and your family. Ohio needs Taylor’s courage and conviction. This is another chance to take an office that is currently opposes our rights and return it to a strong friend.

No matter what party you belong to, Buckeye Firearms strongly encourages you to vote for these excellent candidates. If you value your freedoms, your rights, and your life, these are the candidates you want in Columbus fighting for you. While it is unlikely you will agree 100% with any candidate, on the firearms issues, there candidates are clearly the best. We finally have a chance to elect a new slate of statewide candidates that support rather than oppose your rights.

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Governor’s race:
Bill Peirce, Ken Blackwell and Ted Strickland are all good on our issues. Strickland's choice of anti-gun poster child Lee Fisher is certainly cause for concern, but the Congressman's outspoken leadership on gun issues is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the endless delays and roadblocks by the Ohio Republican Party. An inspiring speech-giver, Ken Blackwell is a shooter who speaks highly of the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. However, thus far in his campaign Blackwell has not spoken out against the Republican Senate's continuing delay of HB347. That delay will result in another winter of trying to comply with the impossibility of “plain sight” with jackets, as well as continued discrimination against women and those who prefer off person carry. There is nothing acceptable about the delay. Peirce makes no bones about the fact that he has lost respect for the leaders in both major parities and will fight for true firearms reform.

(UPDATE 8/16: Blackwell has finally spoken out against the Republican Senate's continuing delay of HB347.)

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In the coming weeks, we will feature each of these endorsed candidates in a short story so you can get to know them. We want you to understand why they are the best candidate so that you can spread the word and make sure everyone you know is registered to vote and supports our endorsed candidates.

Statewide endorsement page

Click here to volunteer to work on any or all of these campaigns. No experience is needed. Just a few hours of your time over the next four months will help ensure victory. There will be a lot of new people in Columbus next year. A commitment by the gun community to become involved now will enable us to finally pass good firearm laws that have been missing from our state for over a decade. If you want this type of change, you need to get involved.

More endorsements will be coming soon. Stay tuned to the Buckeye Firearms website for updates.

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