Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Endorses US Congressional Candidates

By Jim Irvine

Buckeye Firearms has endorsed three Republican Congressional candidates. Congresswomen Jean Schmidt (R-2) is an incumbent and well known to many. Senator Jim Jordan is running in the 4th district, and Joe Ortega is running in the 13th district.

Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-2) went to Washington last year after winning a special election to fill the void when Rob Portman was assigned to President Bush’s cabinet. She likes auto racing and has completed more than 56 marathons and still counting. She knows how to finish what she starts, and does not accept “it can’t be done” as an answer for anything. Her zest for life is unmistakable.

Schmidt was in the Ohio House of Representatives when HB12 (concealed carry) passed in 2003. She not only voted for the bill, but she stood up and proclaimed why it was important to support it. Like us, she much preferred the House passed version (which did not allow media access or require “plain sight” carry in a car) but understood that restrictions were preferable to the prohibition against carrying a firearm we were living under at the time. She has continued to be a great friend to gun owners in Washington and has earned our support to continue the fight were it’s most needed, in our nations Capitol.

Schmidt’s district is roughly comprised of Clermont, Brown, Adams, Pike, western Scioto, southern Warren, and the east edge of Hamilton counties.

Jim Jordan served three years in the Ohio House, and is in his second term as a State Senator. He is currently the Chairmen of the Senate Judiciary - Criminal Justice Committee where HB347 will be modified before being sent to the full senate for a vote.

Jordan understands that the Second Amendment is about more than “duck hunting”. It is about Freedom and our Constitutional right to protect ourselves and our families. Spend any time with him and you understand how much he cares about his family, your rights, and our country. He is not the politician you see on TV clamoring for votes on the topic of the day, he is like your best friend; the one person you’d count on when you need a big favor. Jordan is the friend we want in Washington to fight for our rights while we are busy with our lives back here. His convictions are as solid as an Oak.

Jordan’s district is roughly comprised of Allen, Auglaize, Shelby, Champaign, Logan, Hardin, Hancock, Marion, Morrow, Richland and western Wyandot counties.

Joe Ortega is a veteran who supports our right to bear arms and carry weapons because they reduce crime. He came from a working family, was a union member, worked his way to upper management and became a congressional coordinator for UPS. He knows how congress works, and what needs to be done in Washington to help Ohio. Joe has experience in many countries and understands why the United States is the best country in the world, and what it takes to insure we remain the best.

Joe is running a grassroots campaign. He believes in “God, Family, and Country, your word is your bond, and truth builds trust.” He is a man of integrity who will give everything to fight for your rights. He is competing against a candidate who is endorsed by Cuyahoga Republican party, the same group that endorsed Montgomery, Bradley, DeWine and others over Buckeye Firearms endorsed candidates. Joe Ortega is a man of integrity who will not stray from his beliefs for others. He will be a tremendous friend in Congress and deserves your support.

Ortega’s district is roughly comprised of northern Lorain, southern Cuyahoga, and most of Summit counties.

Each of these candidates are uniquely different people, yet all three have things in common. They are not one of those politicians you “know and hate.” Rather they are friends. Friends to our cause, friends of freedom and the American way, and friends that you would enjoy spending the evening with. Each is proud to be associated with firearms owners, shooters, and hunters, and each will make you proud to brag, “I helped him/her get elected.” They are three great individuals who need your support to win their primary election on May 2.

Complete Buckeye Firearms 2006 Primary endorsements list with links to US Congressional district map.

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