Customer to Time Warner Cable: Stupid is what stupid does

John L.

To: Time Warner Columbus ([email protected])

Main Office
Time Warner Cable
1266 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215

Please Forward To:

Lynn M. Yaeger
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Time Warner Cable

Dear Sir or Ms,

I am writing to inform you that yesterday morning I drove down to your Columbus office on Dublin Road, turned in my roadrunner equipment and terminated my services with Time Warner of Columbus.

First, let me say that yesterday's cancellation was of my individual home cable and internet account. My account number was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for your reference. My termination of business with your company, however, is more
extensive, as I have a side business designing and installing corporate networks. My clients range from small outsourcing companies in the Ohio and Pennsylvania region to hotels in the Southeastern Ohio area. Previously I had strongly recommended your company's "Road Runner Business Class" service to those clients. From this point on your company will be presented on a list, but given no special notice.

The events that lead to my actions are somewhat complicated. I have always been pleased with Time Warner's service. Even when there were errors (with billing or with technical service) they were corrected to my satisfaction in a prompt and professional manner. A few months ago I noticed one of your company's offices on a "Do Not Patronize While Armed" list published by Ohioans for Concealed Carry. See here. Having had a good relationship with Time Warner in the past, I did not take much notice, especially since I had never visited that office.

Yesterday morning, however, I was driving by your Dublin Road office and decided to pull in to ask a question about my cable service. I was no further than 10 feet on your property when I noticed your sign stating "no concealed carry firearms on this property." Dutifully, I put my vehicle in reverse and backed onto Dublin Road so as not to infringe on your company's right to determine who and what you desire on your property.

I returned home and called your office, spoke to a lady about what steps would be required to cancel my service and was informed that I would have to drop my equipment off at that same office. After gathering the equipment, I proceeded back, and attempted to pull into a next door parking lot to disarm before entering your lot. Unfortunately the lot I chose was also owned by
Time Warner. Eventually I was able to find a safe place to park and disarm. (To understand the legalities here, this meant I had to stop my car, get out, remove my firearm, remove my magazine, empty the magazine, place the magazine and ammo in the rear of my car, strip my firearm and place it on my front seat.)

When I arrived I was greeted by your polite employee, who took my cable modem and asked for the reason of my account termination. I pointed to the approximately 12 X 18 poster in the front window and I stated "Because of the sign right there which states no concealed carry firearms."

Your employee laughed and responded "Did you just decide that when you walked in or is that your real reason?"

I responded, "It is my real reason."

To which she stated (I believe in a bit of shock at my answer) "That is kind of stupid."

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I stated that it was "my version of economic consequences for poor corporate decision-making."

She and I had a conversation about whether I do business with any companies with a no concealed carry policy and I briefly told her my feelings, but I was of the opinion that informing the desk clerk about my dislike for your policy was neither productive nor a good use of her time. I then returned home to pen you this email.

First, please understand that I am not displeased with your desk clerk, I felt she did nothing wrong and if anything else lessened my irritation at the situation. But I also wish for you to understand the reason behind my decision.

When your clerk stated "That is kind of stupid," I considered responding, "Not as stupid as thinking that sign will keep you safe from a criminal." The fact of the matter is, I have paid hundreds of dollars to receive hours of in-class and hours of live-fire training in order to qualify for my concealed carry license. I have passed an extensive voluntary background check and have been approved by your county sheriff to carry a weapon. I've never committed a crime (other than speeding) much less a felony. I am sane, reasonable and respectful. I'm not a hero, but I'm also not a willing victim.

You don't know my background or the backgrounds of any of your other customers, but you can know for certain that any person who follows the directives of your sign and disarms themselves of their CCW before coming into your establishment is trained, sane, responsible and non-criminal. You know none of this information about your customers who do not carry in accordance with the law.

I doubt you discriminate against customers for putting political signs in their yards, for being members of certain clubs, or for publishing certain blogs or newspapers, though it would be your right to do so as a private company. Unfortunately your company considers it necessary to discriminate against me because I have chosen to protect myself and my family in a proactive, rather than reactive manner.

Please don't interpret this letter as a demand that you give up your private right to choose whom to invite onto your property, rather, please interpret this letter as a notification that there are consequences, not only to people's lives, but to your pocketbook, when the right of others to lawful self-protection is prohibited.


John L.

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