Two Ohio home invasions, two very different outcomes

Two recent home invasions in Ohio had two very different outcomes for the victims, and for the perpetrators. In Case #1 , a 23-year-old Akron woman, Ms. Raysean Clark, was shot in the chest by Timothy D. Secession, after he forced his way into her home and began beating her. Clark is still slowly recovering. In Case #2 , a Columbus homeowner used his gun to stop David A. Griffin when he crashed...

Dispatch Editorial: ''Arguments against gun restrictions carry no water''

The Columbus Dispatch's latest editorial on the concealed carry debate presents readers with an interesting problem: On one hand, the Dispatch editors admit there most certainly is a problem with the current law, which finds persons guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Yet on the other hand, they still claim two lower courts' rulings (which correctly found the law to be unconstitutional)...

Dispatch Column: ''NRA doesn't know when to hold fire''

The senior editor from the Columbus Dispatch, Joe Hallet , doesn't want to hear from you. Joe doesn't care what you think, and he dreads the email and voicemail messages he anticipates receiving (and plans on ignoring) after writing his latest anti self-defense editorial (which has been archived, and can be read by clicking on the "Read More..." link below). NRA doesn't know when to hold fire...

Runner saves woman from assault

Gary Stewart, 36, of Green Township is winning praise for getting involved when he realized a man was viciously beating a woman in Miami Whitewater Forest Thursday morning. "His presence stopped the attack," said Sgt. Dale Reatherford, a Hamilton County Park District ranger. "He did detain the guy." Stewart, who is training for next month's Flying Pig Marathon, was running in the park shortly...

Column: ''Ohio's new (Supreme Court) palace in Columbus''

Given how much the Ohio Supreme Court has been in the news of late, we thought this April 21 Peter Bronson column, published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, would be of interest: "While Ohio is digging in the couch cushions for spare change like a wino in a bus station, the Ohio Supreme Court is building a new palace bigger than the Capitol. Lawmakers gave the Court $85 million to repair, renovate...

These Akron victims couldn't ''just drive away'' when attacked

The bureaucrats at the Ohio State Highway Patrol have repeatedly voiced opposition to any concealed carry reform law that allows persons to exercise their right to self-defense in an automobile. In opponent testimony before the Ohio House Criminal Justice committee, Capt. John Born argued in favor of keeping in place a ban on carrying loaded weapons in cars , stating that if a person is attacked...

Providing the logic that eluded ThisWeek's Vince Dunbar

On April 10, Columbus community newspaper ThisWeek published an editorial opposing the reformation of concealed carry laws in Ohio, entitled "The logic behind concealed weapon proposal eludes me" . OFCC President Jeff Garvas submitted a response, which was published in the April 18 edition of ThisWeek . The entire response has been archived, and can be accessed by clicking here .

Police Chief: ''Easy pickings'' for armed robbers in Ohio

Medina- Police Chief Dennis Hanwell fears he can explain the city's recent spate of robberies: Medina has become easy pickings. In less than four months, since layoffs shrank the police force by 25 percent, six armed robberies have been reported in Medina, as many as were reported in all of 2002, Hanwell said. "Armed robbery is a high-risk crime," Medina Detective Scott Thomas said. "You have to...


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