Ohio fall hunting season prep notes from ODNR Wildlife

With September approaching, so are several of Ohio’s most popular hunting seasons. In early September, Ohioans will begin hunting squirrels, doves, and some waterfowl, as noted in an Aug. 23 news release from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife . Deer hunting begins soon, as well. Hunting seasons for squirrel (fox, red, and gray), dove, rail (Virginia and sora), snipe,...

Public strongly supporting Texas gun dealer targeted by ATF

If the Biden-Harris administration continues its unconstitutional war on gun dealers, the local gun shop will become just a memory and only big-box sporting goods stores will be able to sell firearms, says Tom Harris, who’s been selling guns from his Lewisville, Texas home for the past 30 years. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives recently targeted Harris’ Federal Firearms...

VP Kamala Harris proposes public health gun control remedy

Vice President Kamala Harris believes gun control is a public health issue, giving Americans more reasons to be wary of gun control efforts. The problem is, crime isn’t a disease, as much as gun control advocates want to treat it as such. Criminal activity is a behavior and science has yet to bring about a medical remedy that prevents an individual from committing crimes. That’s not stopping Vice...

California: Resolution calling for constitutional convention to redefine Second Amendment set for hearing

The California Senate Public Safety Committee on Aug. 22 will hear Senate Joint Resolution 7, to call for a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, in order to spread California-style gun control schemes nationwide. This resolution was introduced Aug. 14 and comes at the request of Gov. Gavin Newsom , as he and other anti-gun radicals come to the realization that the Second...

Headline: DOJ says federal appeals court wrong to rule gun ban for marijuana users unconstitutional

The U.S. Department of Justice is telling one federal appeals court that another federal appeals court "incorrectly decided" a case regarding gun ownership among marijuana users. Simply put: The DOJ thinks a gun ban on marijuana users is constitutional and that the court that says it is unconstitutional is wrong.

M+M M10X "Not an AK" Raffle - $3,003 Prize Package

*** TICKET SALES CLOSED *** Disappointed that you didn't get here fast enough to buy a ticket? We recommend that you 1) make sure you're subscribed to our weekly newsletter and 2) make sure that your subscription account includes your full address. We generally send raffle alerts to our list of Ohio residents only. >>> Click here to sign up for our newsletter and be notified of our next...

Appeals court slams Franklin County judge over Columbus gun law ruling

On Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023, the Ohio Tenth District Court of Appeals overturned a ruling by Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Stephen McIntosh, who had previously issued an injunction to block the state of Ohio from enforcing "preemption" (uniform) firearms laws. The appellate court's three-judge panel aggressively criticized McIntosh for a poorly written opinion and a four-year delay in issuing...

Safari Club International, Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation file intent to sue Dept. of Ed. over archery, hunter education policies

On Aug. 11, Safari Club International, along with the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, sent a notice of intent to sue the Department of Education over the department’s misinterpretation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) , which would prohibit the use of federal funds for shooting sports, hunter education, and outdoor education programs in schools. Co-sponsors and authors of the BSCA...


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