Grassroots Battle: Anti-Gunners urge uprising

The anti-gun extremists are at it again. In a press release carried by the national anti-gun organization "Join Together", the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence has issued a press release urging people to urge their Senators to vote against HB274.

Without question, the OCAGV's anti-HB274 message will receive more media coverage than the press release OFCC issued last week. Here is a link to the OCAGV press release on the "Join Together" website.

This is all-the-more reason why we need each and every person who reads this message to get involved NOW!

Commentary by Chad D. Baus:

OCAGV's worst fears appear about to happen: At the eleventh hour, the State of Ohio FOP police labor union is suggesting major changes to HB274 and will likely stop opposing the legislation if they reach a compromise.

If this happens, the extremists' argument that police don't like concealed carry will be defeated.

The irony is that pro-CCW persons should fear these FOP concessions as well, because OFCC PAC believes the FOP police labor union will gut the best parts of the legislation, possibly to the point of it being unsupportable.

For instance:
- Do you want to obtain a license to carry for each gun you own? The FOP police labor union wants you to.
- Do you want to be forced to take a test or training for each gun you own? The FOP police labor union wants you to.
- Do you think its affordable to have to go to 20 or more hours of training classes? The FOP police labor union wants you to.

This is all-the-more reason why the Ohio Senate MUST hear from as many people as possible, insisting that these changes be defeated and the bill still be passed. We implore you get involved NOW!

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